Winds of magic on Xbox

So i know there is much work to do on PC first but can we have any news about when the dlc will drop on console? Could be on OCTOBER/November??
I hope at least before January 2020…

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They already said on an AMA it’s hopefully before 2020

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OK thank you!

There is a bit more to it, it may be delayed until early 2020. They consider updating straight to season 2 (skipping season one on consoles). Maybe so that for once console and pc version are somewhat contemporaneous up-to-date, not with multiple months in-between.


That make sense I’m sure you’re right they will do so

I also hope it will be before 2020


This is just absolute BS! Us Xbox players have been waiting since December 2018 to play something new for this game. Why the eff would they make us wait til early 2020? Are they prejudice against console players, like wtf?

Ps4 has not even gotten the pub crawl map yet…

You ain’t missing out.

Maybe WoM will be in a better place by then.


You will get it on it’s anniversary. It’s a 1 year anniversary event, I think the PS4 version was released in December.

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