With the Season 2 announcement, any news on Console Timetables?

(Xbox One player here)

Specifically, when do we expect (or if we can expect) to see:

The v2.0 patch
The Winds of Magic DLC
Season 2 content (very excited about the Castle Drachenfels news)
The Geheimnisnacht seasonal event

Itching to jump into the new content here. Group is on hiatus until new content is released and playing solo just isn’t the same…

Here’s the statement on console from Julia. I hope they give us more info soon.

I’d hope they do something like they did for PS4 where they released it all at the same time in a large chunk, but personally, I am somewhat wary of them doing that as prior console releases have left the game quite broken (and sometimes literally unplayable [would crash/shut down console/blue screen/etc.]), so am totally fine with waiting longer for Season 2 stuff if it means the product they do put out for us is smoother.


I’m in strong agreement with you – I’d rather everything be polished and late (or even very late) than released in a bad, broken or unpolished state.

Still, itching to see this content, as my impetus to play has dropped significantly since PC got the WoM updates (again, because team is on hiatus, and because I can’t really participate in the wider community discussions since I’m well “behind” on content). Given that, better “better” than “sooner”.

Curious though if the plan is to release everything in one bulk patch or space it out.


From the Reddit AMA on Season 2: https://old.reddit.com/r/Vermintide/comments/czc3wi/were_fatshark_ama_about_winds_of_magic_season_2/eyzkzmt/

Still aiming for end of the year, but possibly slightly more delay to jump straight to Season 2.


Thanks for the link!

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