PS4 Season 2 Update?

Still no news of PS4 update promised for June. It’s been on Xbox for a month. Where is it?

Ah, yes. June only has 22 days, they better hurry up.

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I was hoping it would of been released with season 3… Well get it tho… 2050 isnt too far!

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Wow your creative sarcasm is truly incredible. 200 IQ gamer here folks

Thank you.

yes they have to hurry up. update was released a month ago on xbox, almost 1 year on pc. I could stop here …

bots are now totally f**ked up, get stuck everywere, throw themselves in gasrat. We are not a lot on ps4 so bots were pretty useful for us (to complete legend runs).

Nobody play weaves, no cata public lobby, the wom dlc is a huge fiasco, worse than pc I guess. And when you ll get a weave rework on pc, ps4 players will have to wait another year to get it. Except that the ps5 will be released in the meantime, so the ps4 version will no longer be supported, unlucky mate! But we ve bought dlc at the same price as you (and a year later lol)

Halescourge is unplayable. fps drop since release of the game.

We still have maps with beastmen from beginning to end.

It’s a shame to support a game like that, it is in a lousy state on ps4, stop defending this bunch of lazy. It’s even worse than laziness, they just don’t give a sh*t about us. I m sure they are now waiting ps5 release to screw us a second time for 50$.

Sorry for my bad English. Great game, but worst dev supporting team from my experience in video games on console.


Yeah it just kinda feels like ps4 players are an after thought any other studio this would be on ps4 already but instead their focus is just on more content for pc players and i know that many are working from home but it still hasn’t stopped other game devs even just porting it from xbox to ps4 doesn’t take this long unless you are neglecting to put enough people to the task

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I sort of wish FS had never ported to consoles to avoid situations like this, and also possibly accelerate their dev process. Playing on console sounds like pure suffering.

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In all fairness, I assume it’s also official channels, aka Sony, dragging their heels. I think updates have to be approved by the platform and Sony are likely taking their sweet time because of the PS5. Someone’s just sitting on it because there’s more “important” games to approve and pass through.


June 29. Posted on their FB.

some how this is always the lame as excuse. Blame m$ or sony. 100s of other games can update constantly but we get amnesia every damn update with fs. FS are lazy as hell its not consoler manufacturer. Most other devs dont have these damn issues, aka deep rock. smaller team with more support.