Ps4 version?

Can anyone from fatshark please tell me when the ps4 version of whv2 will release?
Thank you and sorry if posted in wrong section .

'fraid we’ve no news to share at this time re: PS4, Frankie. Sorry bud. We’ll be sure to make some noise when we have some noise to make :slight_smile:

Thats a big shame would love to play it on my ps4 pro,
But thanks for the reply bud.

Can i ask why is there such a big delay between each platform instead of simultaneous releases?
Once again thanks for any reply to this.

Low resources, the game had a rocky enough launch on PC without trying to get the console ports working at the same time.

Ahh ok didn’t know that,thank you for your reply.

I read quite a while ago that the PC version sold 1 million copies. As far as resources go I’m sure financial resources cannot possibly be an issue. I totally understand if Fatshark didn’t run out and hire a ton of new people in response to the sale of the new game and all the capital coming in, plenty of great companies of the past overexpanded and are long gone now (I miss SSI so much!) but come on man. I’ve seen talk about a Switch release?! No one should be talking about anything like that until the PS4 version is out.

I used to be all about PC gaming but the community for Vermintide 1 on PS4 is full of some really great people. I never encountered a community like that with any PC games I’ve played over the years; on PC I’d be lucky to make one friend who wasn’t a total jerk for each game I would get into. On PSN, my friends list is full of nice people who are great at the first game and we are more than just numbers, we are huge fans who encourage our other friends and family members to buy your games and even if we account for just one more copy sold a piece, we literally love Vermintide.

Anything Fatshark does I’ll support, any Vermintide DLC I buy because I know it’s not a cheap money grab it’s content that is of value to me. But it’s hard to keep up that faithful lovey dovey feeling when you start feeling like an unwanted bastard step child who comes last.


It does kind of feel like they aren’t in any rush to publish any release dates on the ps4 version,whether its to do with the reasons that I’ve been told on here or not who knows?
But i myself cannot wait until Its out on ps4 as that is my preferred choice to play it on.
I have it on xbox one but graphics are abit lacklustre on the x1.But there are plenty of ps4 fans of the game to warrant them to release it on the console .
So please fatshark devs do Your community proud.

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i cannot imagine fighting an assassin that just leaped past you, quickly swiping back to it and snapping off an arrow at it before it pounces again… with a console controller.

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Well that shows just how super easy the pc elite crowd have it doesn’t it?
Thats why they are crap with any controller or console games lol.
Oh but please mr pc share some more words of wisdom which have nothing to do with the topic that this post was meant for?


I just now read your last reply. It made me laugh out loud, which I never do, and it cheered me up, which I needed cuz the Soulcalibur VI beta that’s out today (for the weekend) is not finding any matches at all. It’s network mode only, the point of its release being so that they could test the servers. Test failed. And it’s not an issue that is exclusive to the PS4 version, everyone is going through the same thing. And the worst thing is that I wouldn’t care at all if V2 had come out for PS4 already.
I really feel like Fatshark is setting themselves up for a self-fulfilled prophecy here. If they are thinking “it won’t sell well on PS4” and that’s the reason we don’t have it yet, they are only helping to make that happen. This coming month, the PS4 gets Soulcalibur VI and Red Dead Redemption. For many people, the only way they would buy Vermintide 2 is if they are getting a 3rd game in the same month and lots of us don’t have the budget for that. And then in mid-November, Fallout 76 comes out and that is gonna be all the online gaming some people need. There are so many big AAA games that V2 has to compete with and Fatshark missed the lull in new releases that could have been taken advantage of and so now, if it does come out before the end of the year, it could easily fail to sell and result in, “see we knew it wouldn’t sell on PS4” but in reality the gap between version releases is what might make that happen.