Geheimnisnacht arrives in Vermintide 2

Oh it would be so cool if there’s a chance of a random undead spawn on some of maps :skull_and_crossbones:


Yeah I was disappointed when the first 5 maps I played were BtU maps, hunger in the dark and screaming bell. I still feel like the other night maps aren’t “night” enough though.


Probably the feature of passing on the frame was only for PC and that’s why you get it from the quest.

Maby, my problem is I don’t got the quest

We’re looking in to this Toastklotzi. You said your friend has the frame, what’s his Gamertag, we’d like to check out what’s going on if possible.

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Well, one positive thing. Noticing a improvement in performance with the last 2 patches. GPU doesn’t even break 50C anymore, around 65% usage in game.

@Fatshark_Hedge What are the chances of these maps sticking around?

I made a thread about this last year as well.

I really think it’s a waste locking these to 6 days a year. Can’t there be a vote option or a 50/50 chance of getting them. It’s nice to have a little variety.


Ok this update looks pretty nice. Hope simple UI updates soon. Going without Loadout manager hurts.

Hunger is actually bit different, I have to say I like that subtle change.

+1 skagillion on seeing/having the option for these maps year round. i make it a priority to have limited/no HUD when this event comes around. the game is beautiful in this filter. i mean… just look at it


I wouldn’t want them all the time. At first, it’s really neat to have the change and see this darkness. It can be enjoyable for a bit, but would easily become an issue.

A lot of time, I’m sure, was spent on lighting and color for the game so players see things really pop on our screen and can differentiate better the things on our screen(like their adjustments to Beastmen so we can tell them apart better). Or to really highlight various parts of the map and give a specific feel and tone as the characters play each map.

The darkness and fog causes everything to darken, muddling everything our eyes see. It also muddles all the hard work put into the original design. This in turn causes enemies to blend in more with the map and each other and makes it more challenging for player’s eyes to pick up on different things. The feel and tone of each map is diminished as everything just plays with the same look. The designs they chose to use begin to lose their effect or lose it completely. Existing fog is completely overshadowed by the event fog.

I don’t know if it’s because of the event (because I can’t toggle it on and off), but apparently the waterfall in Dark Omens took a day off:

I enjoy the event as an event and it should remain as such. I sure wouldn’t want it all the time but that’s only because of the reasons mentioned above.

There is not many people who share your enthusiasm about NO-UI :sweat_smile: , but I also think it’s amazing. Btw you can play it all you want on modded realm :wink:


Which is why you make it random, 50/50 change to get light/night version.

I can say from experience, did surely over 500 hours of pure night maps on modded and had non of these issues. Most of the maps, just looks better and fit the Warhammer theme better. It never got “old”.

And basically everytime I’m on modded I play night maps also. I also started going back to modded from official since there is no reward on official and I can play night maps on modded :smiley: Now I can be on official again since … the event is here :wink:


Not that there is a ton of maps to choose from - most of them get pretty dull over many playthroughs anyway. Any variety would be welcome.


@flisker @OrsonMaxwell

I understand that, but why make it so 50% of the time players deal with the worse lighting and worse gameplay experience? This sort of thing should be left to the modded realm.

Warhammer has brighter settings. I don’t get why people think everything in Warhammer has to be dark, dark, and darker.


That is not worse imo, personally I think it’s better then original ones, except for the Nest, that one is meh… also did you see the poll on this ?

It’s literally 99% or so ppl saying YES! we want this. Also it was heavily upvoted multiple times on reddit in many threads including the previous patch thread made few days ago.


Nice haha. Yea I wouldn’t wanna force it on ppl if they don’t want it. I like options is all. I for one want my Warhammer full of darkness and peril. Re-watch the original release trailer and let that inspire your inner pessimism for humanity haha.

And @flisker i completely hear you on not many ppl :laughing:
my friends when they die remind me of it constantly. :point_right: dont die :man_shrugging:

If FS made this filter look like the beginning of Blightreaper (the outside pier starting area ) it would be perfect

I agree with @OenKrad. It’s not about opinions, but how the game works. Every map is meant to have a design, a style, wich is lost with this darkness. Moreover darkness is a stress on the eyes.

But most importantly enemies are meant to be clearly visible (it’s enough to think about pre-patch Beastmen). Vermintide is based mainly on gameplay, the atmosphere is secondary.

We already have maps wich have darkness as difficulty (Hunger in the Darkness, Blightreaper and soon we will have a map into a dungeon).

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Well, this game is so full of RNG, why not randomize daytime too? Oh, I forgot - this game is full of modified RNG (looks at map rotation).
Anyway, nothing a little setting can’t fix.

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I played with two people that got the frame equipped one is carlgustavPAR66 and the other one TLR InFernO

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