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Having played them a bit now, I’m quite happy with the night effect. Of course, some maps (Hunger in the dark, Convocation, Into the Nest) don’t really gain much, and I won’t really care later either if those ones get the night version. I wasn’t that impressed with War camp either, to be honest. But Against the Grain had the right, creepy feel to it, and it was probably amplified by us getting lucky and having a suspiciously quiet start. The sickly green tint on the ice in Skittergate also looked quite nice, and certainly again brought a creepy feel into the situation, perfectly fitting the event. I still want to see Athel Yenlui…

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I liked night time Athel as well - really plays to the whole elven ruin mystic feel.

The Pit is bugged though - the cinematic starts during daytime and it suddenly turns night a few seconds in.

I would very much like to see the daytime system more dynamic - like have some maps start at dusk and then gradually turn night time - like the Pit, but by actual real time. This way players may be pushed to not linger and have a certain pace if the end event is impacted by darkness for example. Just an idea for new maps - not like any of the existing ones need this kind of a rebalance though.

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Well, the verdict is pretty clear, we want the extra maps. Why the hell they thought it was a good idea to limit it to 6 days is beyond me.

I was really impressed, and I thoroughly enjoyed the new lighting featured in the maps. I believe its a mistake to keep it as only a 6 day event. The Devs did not think that decision through

IMHO the darkest maps stressed out the eyes.

While i agree to have some options:

  • Choose between or 50/50% day/night - map
  • Choose between normal keep / summer keep / winter keep

I wouldn´t recommend more. The rest like halloween - keep or fog maps etc. should stay event based.
We just get 1 frame from the event and that would be all, if there´s nothing more. A pretty small event then…
But before they spend too much times to such things, i would highly prefer more maps.

I got two frames from the event?

In addition to the Quickplay reward frame, there is another one that spreads virally. That is, you can (only) get it by playing with someone who already has it (starting with at least one FS employee). They’re vampire fangs, apparently, so people spread vampirism. To be honest, I might be tempted to do a run or two with strangers for that, contrary to my usual opinions…

Yea, one of the Devs started spreading it and anyone who finishes a game with someone who has it on, gets it as well. So it’s obviously spreading very quickly. I suspect this was some sort of test maybe to see the metrics of QP.

Possibly, though I have to imagine they already have ways of getting that information.

I got it on my first or second QP run, but I’m quite happy QPing games and would usually do 1-4 a game night.

Night maps are amazing. Would love to have them 50/50 after the event (sans pumpkins).

Would also enjoy it for the sake of having some contrast to the day maps.

Please do this FS!

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