Keep the new map after the event?

While it’s fun playing the new map drunk (I mean in game, not just IRL) I’d really like to know whether we can keep the new map after the weekly event has finished, with possibly some other objectives on it - or simply keep it as it is. Is it going to vanish after the weekly event or will it appear somewhere else for us to play? I’d like to see the whole thing without beer googles on.

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I think it’s ok as it is, makes it more unique (it’s not too bad if you drink with moderation).
I’d very much like to see it stay there too.

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Going by the statements in the stream, it’ll go away after the week for now, but it will likely return when another celebration comes, with a reason to go drinking again. Kind of like the Tavern Brawl worked in VT1.

Personally, I’d like to have this map only for certain occasions and celebrations, it’d feel more special in that way.


I honestly think they should consider keeping it longer than a week if only to compensate for it being semi-broken (endless crashing for many people) on release.

Well, Just keep in mind that 99% of the active community here on the forums wanted the night maps to stick around after the Halloween patch. And they didn’t…

The Devs said they would add them into rotation of some sort before the event even went live. I asked a few weeks ago on an update, and they are still in the works,

So I wouldn’t hold your breath. I’d love to have the event map stick around, add in the tomes and grims. I’d enjoy it…

Wait the map doesn’t have books? I thought I just wasn’t looking hard enough.

No there’s no books in the map lol. I spent a long time on it with a group of super Pro’s for over an hour scoured the whole thing, to see if there was any easter eggs but theres nothing we could find

Also… The devs stated pretty directly on Friday’s stream that there’re no books in there.

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