Plz make scenario with procedurally generated level.

it is a kind of boring to run through same maps again and again and again and again… Can you create a game mode where we will try to survive in unknown place for us?
I don’t know and name it as the labyrinth of Tzeentch. Made a new boss for example Herald of Tzeentch at the end of dungeon…
Make portals which connect different places.
And additional options for twitch chat to choose how difficult will be next room, of additional effect aka “once 30 seconds flow is lava for 10 seconds” or "enemies will poison you.

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A random dungeon actually sounds really cool. And letting twitch chat vote on environmental effects would be interesting. I know on the modded realm they have additional twitch vote options, like the floor is lava. Which basically covers then entire floor with fire via oil barrels xD

But yea, a randomly generated dungeon would be hella fun and I could see myself playing that a lot more then the same maps over and over. It would most likely get repetitive as well as there’s only so much you can do.

The game design doesn’t support this at the moment. Everything has to be hand-crafted and verified. Maybe in the years to come, this might be a feature FS could be providing to the game.

I know it’s not going to be 100% procedurally generated, but the new Weave game mode that’s coming in Winds of Magic is going to “take chunks of existing maps” and “affect and modify” them, which might spice the current stale and repetitive maps up, if only a small bit.

I’m supportive of the idea of a map that’s different every time, but like @Palesz said, I’m afraid it’s not possible, at least not right now.

Yea, even something like Dragon Age did with it’s multiplayer. Where it’s the same map, but they put the doors and paths in different places. Could spice it up a bit. Right now, only a few maps actually change, like Fort Brachsenbrücke. And even then, it only changes the direction you walk at 2 points in the map. Mixing the night maps into rotation would be nice as well…

I mean, last I heard, they are still going to add the night maps, Soon™. But they said that back in October and recently again last month or the month before.

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