Daylies/Monthlies and random Maps

I’m playing this Game for a while now, fairly new with “only” 80+ hours, but i have thought about daylies, to give people a reason to log everyday and play the Maps.

For example;
Daylies :

  • Make 3 Games on Difficulty X
  • Slay Boss X
  • Play a Round as X

With different rewards; 3 Chests depending on the difficulty - maybe during Christmas etc. themed skins and so on.

Same for the “monthlies” in a larger scale

For my second Point, the Maps we are presented now telling more of a Story, but the World around the Game is much larger, so i think i would be a good Idea to make random generated maps (so you dont run the same maps over and over again) and give them different objectives, so the Maps stay sort of fresh to visit.


I don’t think randomly generated maps will be a thing in a game like this. It’s a lot more difficult to execute in a game like this than you may think if you want it to be half decent. Way more precision rules than an open world map.
We’d be better off having a level building tool.

They will also be releasing additional content so we’ll likely be seeing new maps.

As for dailies, I’m not opposed to the idea. They keep me going back to Heroes of the Storm.

You mean like Adventure Mode in Diablo 3?

Maybe in the next one.

Would it be this hard to make tilesets that gets stuck together like puzzlepieces to make a map ? Or at least with this engine - I dont have the slightest clue ^^"

And yea, Daylies are for some the reason to come back well … Daylie :stuck_out_tongue: I think Daylies are more or less self explanatory - Log in do the missions etc. :smiley:

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