Procedurally Generated Maps

I know there is alot of technical and programming to use Procedurally Generated Maps but it would extend the life time of this game.
Just pointing out an idea.


A great idea that will probably never see the light of day. Games Workshop’s notoriously anal attention to detail doesn’t lend itself well to procedural anything.

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I’d rather see maps that either include procedural sections or multiple routes like they’ve been testing/using in small-form now with certain maps - where they could build mini-events into the game that either happen or not and in turn block off certain pathways for example. So getting a boss spawn at point A B or C would block off paths 1 and 3 forcing you through an indoor or outdoor section etc.

That said I’d love to see some more indoor (buildings) levels… but that’s my craving for a bit more VT1-style leveldesign I guess.

Theyd have to make a new game from scratch.