Night Time Maps

Hi there

this is great, it’s something V2 definitely needs, some dark , lugubrious atmosphere just like V1
It’s the End Times!, it’s dark!

it would be nice to have some more dark maps, like the second half of The Pit or this new night time versions

thanks for reading

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We’re getting some for Geheimnisnacht on the 29th of this month!

On the day of the Chaos Moon, the Dark Gods gave to me
Dark-version maps that look green and freaky~

yes, but that is for limited time
, just a few days

I mean night maps forever! as normal base game maps


Ah, yes, I hope for that, too!

Dark and grim yes-yeees!

Imagine stalking Athel Yenlui forests in deep night, eerie silence and dem rat and corrupt boys patrolling the ruins with flickering torches in hand etc.

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