Night mode and weather effect

Halloween is close and vermintide 2 is close to the end of the update cycle, can we have night mode version and weather effect on all maps? Currently B2U maps and Drachenfels maps don’t have night mode and all DLC maps don’t have weather effects.

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Well they kinda happen at night already anyway. :thinking:

Also, Drachenfels has a bit of an interesting narrative going on with the day/night cycle, with the darkness setting on the journey’s start and the sun rising when the heroes finally manage to escape.


For B2U even a different colour tone of night would be cool. And pit also has day/night cycle but still has night mode.

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Would definitely be nice to have something for the spooky season.

I really want stormy weather and thick blizzards. Winter versions of all maps covered in thick layers of snow, stormy versions of all maps blanketed in a near impenetrable visage of rain and wind and random lightning strikes.

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That would be epic ngl

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