Make the maps feel new longer.

I LOVE the maps in V2 grate looking and detailed, but after running the same maps 20+ times they start to get stagnant.
My suggestion is too randomize whether effects and time of day.
The weather can be
and the time of day can be
Mid day - sunny
night - dark (special event bloodmoon :wink: )
morning/evening - sunrise and sunset
You can have a option to have the random time and wether on or off.
If you are “unlucky” you get att night map with rain, storm and fog giving you a very low visibility making the map harder to navigate and see the hordes.

The under ground maps can still have rain (heavy dripping from the celing), fogg and some light wind.
Some maps will have to be redone with some torches/light sorces around the map like Righteous Stand, Halescourg and some more.
And new sound effects.

Think Against the Grain at night with a storm, now its a sneky map insted of now, mid day clubbering party.


This would be great if paired with changes to enemy AI, like lower vision range in fog and in the dark and less hearing when raining or stormy. Fighting archers or long range specials in the dark is much harder for something that would be randomly chosen.

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