Could we please have "more" rain?

I love the city map with the storm, but honestly it doesn’t feel there’s a storm, there’s should be a lot of rain, your player see only a bitin few parts.
Do you devs think you can increase the amount of rain to make us feel like to be in a real caothic storm? I’m pretty sure you can do it


There should be at least rain as in this screenshot from Vermintide website


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Agreed, love rain in games. Adds much to the feel of the enviroment.

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it worked in Stromdorf, so why decrease the rain in V2?

I agree with this.

The real question is… Where does this rain come from? There are no clouds in the sky… :thinking:

That’s true!But there are thunders! Mmmmhhhh :thinking:

I agree. A lot more rain and weather in general. Doesnt matter if vision becomes a bit obstructed, thats how it works.

Imagine it being really misty and hearing that horde drums sounding and then seeing them swarm out of the mist.

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Agreed. This map really gets a lot of atmosphere from the not so distant thunder and lightning. Water is pouring down the rooftops but theres barely an effect for the rain itself. Would be awesome to have a real haunting midnight storm.

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Until now I didn’t even realize there was supposed to be rain.

Patch notes:“Added more rain to The Screaming Bell level”

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This is beautiful, thanks Fatshark!
Maybe just add a bit of fog (if you have time), but now this level looks awesome, gonna play again this evening to try it with the rain

Would be cool to have random day/night and weather effects for each level as well.

What would be cool is if someone made weather condition mods if/when Fatshark releases mod tools. I have a suicidal desire to play all the maps in heavy fog.

I’m a total pluviophile so this was nice to see get added.

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