Idea for environmental effects

- Randomized environmental effects, hypothetically, (% chance of these happening are just suggestions)
  1. |o|5% chance of fog of varying thickness on relevant maps (sound would be more important for determining what you’re up against/where to avoid)|
    ||Light (not much reduction in visibility, mainly for ambiance)|
    ||Medium (visibility is 15-20 feet, range of enemies reduced accordingly)|
    ||Thick (visibility is only 5-10 feet, range of enemies reduced accordingly)|

  2. |o|5% chance of night mode on relevant maps|

  3. |o|5% chance of smog/fumes from Skaven war machines and industry, with intensity varying throughout level (maybe in caves or Skaven settlements? Similar graphics to fog, with some differences to differentiate) (on relevant maps)|
    ||Light (looks like smog, no real negative effects)|
    ||Medium (thicker smog, causes audible coughing on occasion from player characters and maybe comments on the smog, slightly flammable (certain weapons ignite the smog dealing 5% more damage (both Skaven and playable characters can take advantage)))|
    ||Thick (in certain areas player characters receive slow health loss, coughing, comments on smog, slightly flammable (certain weapons ignite the smog dealing 5% more damage (both Skaven and playable characters can take advantage)))|

  4. |o|5% chance of rain/storms/sandstorms/blizzards/hailstorm/lightning storms on relevant maps (depending on location in the world)|
    ||Maybe small damage debuffs, loss in visibility, slight health degeneration, etc.|

  5. |o|On relevant levels, perhaps smoke from a large fire nearby? i.e. forest fire or city burning|
    ||Reduced visibility|
    ||Damage if enemies or player characters step into the fire|
    ||Player characters comment on the fire|

  6. |o|2-3% chance of tremors/earthquakes on relevant maps|
    ||Sounds/audio input|
    ||Screen occasionally shakes|
    ||Player characters comment on it|
    ||Could be the result of Skaven tunneling or industry beneath the ground|

  7. |o|Magically induced darkness?|
    ||On second thought, this would be annoying. Please don’t introduce this. (unless Sienna’s skins and attacks light the area up, maybe not even then)|

  8. |o|Magically induced auras/effects|
    ||Varying effects|
    ||Can be dispersed by hunting down the magic user channeling the effect somewhere in the level|
    ||Low chance of happening and reward for dispatching the magic user.|


These are my thoughts on each one of my suggestions. (Perhaps some of the effects could be developed as mutators then added later into the regular rotation?)

  1. I was thinking for the fog it might be accomplished with an overlay on each player’s screen. But I’m not sure if that would be 100% right (perhaps having multiple overlays that get less transparent and more opaque as they get further from the player character?)
  2. I’m under the impression night mode has already been made and used for previous events
  3. Smog/fumes would be graphically similar to fog but operate different-ish
  4. Storms may be more complicated to implement but might work?
  5. similar to fog, but with fire that can harm players
  6. tremors/earthquakes, probably just a sound and the screen shaking a little bit, but not often. Not sure how challenging it would be to implement
  7. Darkness already exists, but might be hard. Might be easier to play with if additional methods of lighting it up existed.
  8. Magically induced auras/effects could be anything, maybe even byproducts of the mutators?

It would be neat I think. It’s only a suggestion, but I’d be interested to see what everyone thinks. With that, I think I’m gonna go back to only commenting on posts for a while rather than starting new ones.


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I like this :slight_smile:

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I’ve talked about this before. I’d love to see random weather on the maps. Even if it doesn’t have any effects on the game play. It would give a different experience every time you play the map. Chance of rain, snow, fog, etc. They could even go as far as having the time of day random. Night maps, day maps or sun rise/sun set maps. Just have it random and give us a bit of variety with the maps.

It’s obviously do-able. Look at the keep weather, you get storms, rain, fog, night day, thunder etc.


I’d love to see that too !

Imo I feel like Fatshark are afraid of adding randomness to their levels cause… You know, it’s Warhammer and they’re more or less telling a story, so you can’t randomize events of a story (wasn’t a good explanation of my thoughs xD)

While I can understand that, I feel like gameplay feels and replayability are way more important than keeping close to the lore.

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