Ventilation Purge Thoughts


A couple of thoughts on the new modifier that dropped a few hours ago are well in order. deep inhale

So to start with, the visibility reduction is a nice touch to add a more claustrophobic feel to a hectic blitz of heretics/nurgle villians. It definitely can impair a vet’s ability to clear out painful mobs that are waiting in the open. Overall, a good time to be had and it slows the group down (or it will once a sniper dismantles the first two rejects walking into an open area).

That leads me to elaborate. The ability for ranged mobs to reach out and pincushion a group has always existed but now, with the added ‘fog of war’ it appears that they can now do so with impunity. I often find myself hiding behind a crate, spooning our ogryn, while peeking for the sniper’s red laser that ventilated the bloodthirsty zealot’s cranium.

Perhaps the ability for mobs to acquire and target the players could be reduced slightly to allow the mission to run with a more CQC vibe instead of hide-and-go seek with a blindfold. (for the player)

Having shared my thoughts, I am more interested to see what my fellow players think on the modification and perhaps throw some ideas or strategies out there.

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Well, we have a half-shooter-half-slasher game where a mutator wipes off most of the shooter…

I dont know, i like the idea and the atmospherics of it… given the lighting being so nice in SOME areas… but imho yes, they can see through the fog way better than we can and thats a bit of an issue.

Overall not a fan, but it could get somewhere interesting.

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Well there could be a middle ground. What if shots from enemies cleared the fog along the shots line of fire for a few seconds?

Ex… a sniper fires at me and there’s a direct line from where they are to where the bullet hit along it’s path that is cleared of fog for a bit.

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That would require them to do the fog a completely different way technically, i think…

Id just prefer the range of visibility slightly increased, more enviro lights that penetrate the fog (just for visuals… it looks bland in places where they dont exist), and maybe AI accuracy reduced over distance relative to how deep in the fog they are.

Adding something like thermal goggles for the Veteran would take the edge off of this. They do exist in lore (Preysense Sight) and they don’t have to be perfect. I’d happily trade a restricted or fuzzy view to be able to see further through fog, or in other levels where enemies are shooting at you from pitch-blackness.


No i liked it how it was, but it needed to work BOTH ways and not just hinder the players, maybe a higher amount of strong melee focused enemies as a result.
As of right now the fog is far too thin to effectively limit sight, and its annoying to see that the Ventilation Purge was almost perfect and just needed a little tweaking on the enemies side of things, but as of right now you have pretty much made the whole mechanic ignorable.


The fog modifier is really un-fun right now. All of the ranged enemies just stand out in the fog and shoot with perfect accuracy. They need to force the enemies to get closer before shooting.

I have to agree with Cipher1010, the initial level of fog was perfect, the claustrophobic atmosphere, the appearance of enemies out of the fog, the way it changed the entire dynamics of the map, it was all excellent. Now its just a sad shadow of it’s former self, and pretty much a waste of time. To address the issue of enemy range the AI awareness/sight range should have been reduced. If it is intended that the sniper becomes a much greater threat due to an ability to see through the fog, then there needs to be a counter available to the players.

Whether that is allowing certain classes (psyker?) to also see through the fog for targeting purposes, or increasing the range of the Veteran’s ulti in those situations, I don’t know. But making the fog pointless was absolutely the wrong way to deal with it. If you add something cool, but then reduce it’s effect to the point where it might as well not be there, then what have you actually introduced? In this case, sadly, nothing.

As for those who don’t like it at all, they can choose not to do missions with that effect on them. I thought this was the entire point of the new mission system. You made it so people could choose to do missions without grims to remove the pressure, this is exactly the same thing, and should be treated as such.

I think its largely enemy guard and autogun scabs effectively never miss. Even slides dont make them miss, you just gain invuln frames against shots during it.

Irrelavant to this discussion, you should bind crouch to your mouse so you dont have strain your pinky to slide spam. Crab sliding to ranged is like the most effective way to close the gap while minimizing damage, constant crab sliding in vent purge is also a really easy way to negate the constant harassment

It is like being forced into an uphill gunfight. I tried this one as a zealot. I thought I was getting a CQC mod where I could thrive with my heavy sword and flamer. Instead I was hiding behind cover at every moment watching the vet shoot through the clouds while I was blindly flaming the fog hoping I hit something and am not dead weight.

The fog should heavily debuff enemy AI’s player detection and accuracy if it is going to also completely los players. If I cant see them because I am inside a massive cloud of VENT PURGE GROSSNESS (covering the map) how are they pinning me down from any distance with any accuracy?
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