Reduced visibility mutator is very unfair due to AI los not being reduced

As the title says; the first time you realise ranged enemies are are aiming is when you get shot from out of the fow. I urge fatshark to consider reducing the AI’s los, so that there’s more ‘stumbling onto each other’


Agreed. It should turn the map into a melee focused one, rather than letting them shoot from far away through the fog.


Agreed here. Reduce their range so its actually a proper mutator. Right now, it just screws with us, but that makes zero sense as it should reduce their range as well.


If memory serves there was actually talk of removing fog and replacing it with something akin to a darkness modifier or something similar to make flashlights useful or something?


I’d be alright with both; one that’s a ‘soft lock’ for melee weapons, and one for torches.

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This was my main gripe with this mode. It’s cool, the atmosphere is awesome. But two issues:

  1. Why do enemies still have perfect aim. At least range enemies effective distance (they need to move closer) should be reduced by min 50% + they should not be able to track you after you move unless you start too shoot.

  2. Playing it without at least one Vetaran with Volley on Diff 4-5 is just pure frustration.

In a game where all your enemies have perfect aim from another side of the map Fatshark, making mutator that reduces our LOS but not enemies LOS is just… unfun to say the least.


I love the way the fog looks. I would also love it if we got to have really dark levels too. In both cases it is just amazingly atmospheric, and perfect for this gorgeous looking game.

But the ranged enemies need to suffer a large accuracy debuff for it to be remotely feasible, or the whole experience is ruined really. You aren’t appreciating the amazing lighting and fog, you’re just frustrated that all you can do is return fire at muzzle flashes after they hit you with every round fired from a 100% obscured position 50 meters away.

I think that’s what they used to have and then switched it to fog instead instead, at least I remember playing with a hazard in the closed beta where the lights were off and it was just pitch black. I assumed the fog was a replacement since it was a bit TOO dark imo.

Unless they’re separate hazards and will see both in the final game, who knows.

Power Interruption still seems to be planned

But I haven’t seen either yet.

On that note I haven’t seen the obscuring fog modifier for the last day or so.

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Ah cool I missed that, I guess we’ll have both then haha.

I’ve seen fog a bunch (although I haven’t played today yet). so far I’ve only seen fog and less/more hordes.

Agreed. If we can’t see then neither can they. Aim should be worse by a percentage. And snipers? Ha ha, no. Unless they have thermal scopes, in which case we should have them as well.

Another modifier that needs work is the ‘less hordes/specials’ so what the game does instead is replaces like, half, the normal enemies with elites, so you can be trying to fight 2 shotgunners, a pox flamer, 4 heavy gunners, a trapper or two, a bulwark, and some reavers all at once. 100,000% not okay.