Geheimnisnacht returns!

Well then you and your friends didn’t play those maps last event with night maps. Or it was also bugged before for some players.

I did play them during the Halloween event… ALL OF THEM! I don’t know why you’re arguing with me saying I didn’t play those maps during the event. The Halloween event is the ONLY event I have never missed.

They have ONLY worked on the 13 base maps. I can understand BtU not really getting them as they are already dark maps, but the other DLC maps look exactly the same with no changes.

You’re really not helping. Idk what you’re goal is here saying what I’m experiencing is not valid because it’s not happening to you.

EDIT: Other people having the same problem as well. Read the 2nd comment below.

Just had the night mode on Dark Omens earlier actually

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Since I used to be kinda obsessed with this game and played basically all the time and that’s how I know that the maps did have the night mode before and that’s why I have crapload of videos of the night pit, blight and dark omens.

And during that no-life period, I’ve never heard from anyone, that the mentioned maps had no night weather effect.

My goal was to explain the situation to you, but you obviously feel the need to “win” whatever it would mean in this situation. I told you in the previous reply and in the other that if it wasn’t working for you then it was bugged.

As for current situation, it is … bugged, they fu*ked something up, obviously, since the night mode for those 3 maps does exist for a long time.

To recap… it wasn’t there for the first Geheimnisnacht event, but it got added later. And currently it seems to be broken as it doesn’t work for you, neither for me on official realm.

Which I’ve already told multiple times by now.

As for the steam screenshot, fyi Quiet Drink never had alt. weather and about the other guy saying “bunch of maps doesn’t seem to have it” … yes bunch of maps doesn’t have the night mode and the 3 maps we talked about are currently broken.

Why the other bunch of maps doesn’t have it ? Because as I also already mentioned, they never bothered to add it for the newer maps, not sure why they did it for Dark Omens actually.

If your first question is not clear at this point, then you’re trolling me.

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I was also obsessed with the game played everyday since February 2018.

Probably because most people felt the same way I did by thinking DLC wasn’t included in the Halloween dark map HENCE why I asked yesterday why DLC maps were NOT affected. I just made a profile here THIS YEAR! I didn’t even know this forums existed. Funnily enough, I never got an invite despite being in the Closed Beta Test.

Okay but you’re not a developer so how can you help me? There is nothing you can say or do that will give me Halloween dark maps on my DLC maps.

Hence why I said, read the 2nd comment. A Quiet Drink has NEVER before been available during any of the Halloween events except this one. It was only for the Anniversary of this game’s release, for March.

It does appear you’re the one trolling me since you changed your story.

You’re not a developer so you cannot help me with why none of my DLC maps have the Halloween night time mode. I’m not the only who is suffering from this and I already explained to you that the reason why I mentioned it yesterday was because I assumed that the DLC maps were not included for the event as I have never seen them with the night time mode.

Unless you have a solution to my problem, I suggest you back off. You’re not helping me by arguing with me. I don’t what your deal is but all I asked was why the DLC maps are not affected by the Halloween event.

Uhgr… has nothing to do with being developer dude.

You don’t need to be mechanic to understand that the car is broken.

And actually yea I can, you go download Deed Mutator Selector, and activate night_mode from the mod pool and boom…. you can play the Gehemnisnacht weather in Pit, Blight, Dark Omens, whenever you want.

Just tested it:

I didn’t change anything, the conversation is there… I told you the same thing yesterday.

Solution provided :joy_cat:

Fu*kin told you 5 times :sweat_smile: and you’re still not happy about it.

Now you’re even getting solution to the problem, but you can’t turn around now (that wouldn’t feel good), so you’ll continue being dissatisfied and pursuit the winning of imaginary argument instead of understanding that I was just trying to explain to you the situation about the night weather for those 3 maps.


Which is to play on the modded realm… That is no solution at all.

Has it occurred to you that I prefer to play on official realm where there are real people?

It’s not that I’m not happy with what you’re saying but rather you being overly hostile and not actually contributing to solving my problem. Playing on modded realm is not a solution. Would have been a great suggestion in 2018 where there were more people in the modded realm. Not viable now.

I want to be able to play the event in the official realm.

Seriously dude, you need to chill. No reason to be nasty.

You know how basic logic works right ? :joy_cat:

Nothing about official realm in that statement.

And modded realm is same as it always was, either you have friends that are interested to play there or it’s like 1 random guy in few hours who will join you. Mostly by accident.

Alright, seriously chilling now.

Obviously implied.

That’s where all of the players are :man_facepalming:

I’m chilling :sweat_smile: and so can you, no need to send me any more pm.

Hey @Fatshark_Hedge. Any updates on whether or not the second balance beta is happening before the end of the year?

I would wager for it to be postponed. Considering that there is a chance for two additional DLC’s to drop, I’m not sure it would be the best idea to smash a BBB on top.

Yeah that makes sense, would just be nice to get confirmation though, and for that matter whether anything at all is arriving before the end of the year.

Confirmed not for 2020


Thank you. Really appreciate the response :grin:

I was curious if you will ever upload the music for Geheimnisnacht to the collectors edition like you did for a quiet drink ?