Geheimnisnacht & Double XP are Live from October 26 - November 5!


Geheimnisnacht is the most ill-omened night of the year and with both Mannslieb and Morrslieb full in the sky only the strong and brave dare venture into the dark. During Gehimnisnacht it’s said that the veil between the living and the dead is thinner, and it’s the perfect time to visit the Gardens of Morr to pay homage to the ancestors.

The most ill-omened time of the year has returned to Vermintide 2, and this year it is more menacing than ever before, with old favorites and new challenges to conquer. Geheimnisnacht is live on all platforms between October 26 - November 5.

All players playing during Geheimnisnacht will also earn Double XP!

Challenge yourself and your fellow heroes during Geheimnisnacht. Visit a ritual site, collect the Skull of Blosphoros, and survive the remainder of the mission(s) in order to earn time-limited rewards. Good luck!

This Geheimnisnacht, you will find the following in-game:

  • Disrupt the Disruptors: The word from Lohner’s scouts is that the pactsworn are conducting rituals centered on a particularly animated skull. Lost in whatever it is they were up to, they didn’t pay the scouts any heed at first. Then one lass chucked a rock at a celebrant and the rest flung themselves at her, eyes aglow and murder in their vicious hearts. It all went downhill from there. According to the survivors, the pactsworn were stronger than normal, like the skull was empowering them … There was some mention of a mocking voice as well, though that is probably the least of anyone’s worries.

    The ritual sites can be located in; Festering Ground, War Camp, Blood in the Darkness, Wizard’s Tower, and Khazukan Kazakit-ha! It’s on you if you want to get involved or just … leave it all the hell alone.

  • The Skull of Blosphoros: Disrupt the ritual and secure the Skull of Blosphoros for an extra challenge. Select your courier with caution as there is no second chance of picking up the Skull during that mission once it has been lost.

  • Defeat the Ritual Guardian: Be careful when you interact with the ritual sites, as not all Pactsworn take kindly to it. Disturbing the ritual might find you on the receiving end of blade of 'eavy Metal with a grudge to bear.

During Geheimnisnacht you can earn five new unique time-limited rewards by completing the themed quests. New weapon illusions and portrait frames are awaiting those brave enough to complete the challenge. Curious what these weapon illusions might be? Take a look at the preview below from Jellynx.

Watch your step! While traversing the Reikland, you might encounter Nurglings. They’re known to cause mischief, giggle, and rarely come in small numbers. Hopefully, they scatter quickly!

Hotfix 5.1.3 [PC]

  • Berserkers and Plague Monks no longer track players when they’re invisible.
  • Specials no longer track players when they’re invisible.
  • Fixed a bug that made certain enemies deal less damage than they’re supposed to (Notably, Plague Monks/Berserkers and Infantry).
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when hotjoining a mission that had a javelin or throwing axe with an illusion applied, but the player’s inventory had not fully synced.
  • Fixed a crash when hotjoining into the end event of Tower of Treachery.
  • Fixed a crash on Wizard’s Tower due to scripted projectiles. Olesya is up to her old tricks again!
  • Fixed rare server crash when leaving a mission when Necromancer is in the game.
  • Fixed a crash when grabbing the Necromancer’s ability information scrollbar on the hero selection screen with your mouse.

Hotfix 2 [XB1/PS4]


  • The Necromancer’s Icon of Death is no longer shown in the ally frame UI thingie, it’s now back to only showing whether the ally has a potion or not.


  • Fixed the crash when opening chests in Offline mode.
  • Fixed the dummies in the Keep being too fat and having big collisions.
  • Fixed hot join crash if a Ranger Veteran with the ‘Exhilirating Vapours’ used their ability that session.
  • Fixed Bardin being able to stealth infinitely with the ‘Surprise Guest’ talent by re-entering the ability.
  • Fixed Ranger Veteran with ‘Exhilirating Vapours’ talent showing the wrong amount of ability stacks.
  • Fixed small enemies swallowing bombs when thrown at them.
  • Fixed occasional frame perfect host crash when a defend command is issued the frame before an attack command swing finishes.
  • Fixed bug where Necromancer lost Icon of Death upon drinking a Potion of Endless Bombs. You can all play Chaos Wastes again!
  • Fixed Necromancer not losing Grimoire on death.
  • Fixed Engineer not losing additional bombs on death.
  • Fixed Handmaiden bleed dash talent damaging Necromancer skeletons. She’s now fully accepted that they are friends :slight_smile:
  • Fixed a bug where Necromancer would keep her potion when giving it away.
  • Fixed that bug where the challenge “Unrestful Bonefire” could only progress one point per level.
  • Fixed a crash when hotjoining into the end event of Tower of Treachery.
  • Fixed crash from throwing Morgrim’s Bomb on enemies.
  • Fixed a crash when the Necromancer commanded her skeletons to defend in the exact moment they died.
  • Fixed frames from Chaos Wastes challenges being hidden unless you own the Forgotten Relics.
  • Fixed a crash that happened when hotjoining while a resumeable interaction is in progress.
  • Fixed a crash that could happen while starting a resumable interaction as a client related to latency and prediction.
  • Fixed a crash with the souls from the Necromancer’s ‘Lost Souls’ talent when targeting Wizards Tower skulls.
  • Fixed the souls from the Necromancer’s ‘Lost Souls’ talent having issues hitting targets.
  • Fixed rare crash occurring when a player hot-joined into a moving elevator, while a Globadier made a charge run towards the player.
  • Fixed a crash in Fort Shakalaka related to the end event cannonballs.
  • Chaos Wastes: Fixed Rhya’s Thorns boon crashing upon breaking shields.
  • Fixed rare crash where a Life Leech managed to acquire Skeleton as a target.
  • Fixed crash for when a Necromancer left the game while a projectile from the Soulstealer Staff was chasing enemies.
  • Fixed some crashes related to Sister of the Thorns’ walls.
  • Fixed a crash when Morgrim’s Bomb stuck to an enemy.

Great event. I am having fun; but could you please look into disabling the ability to pick up pots when you have the skull equipped. I just wasted every one’s time last game by accidentally picking up a blue pot due to muscle memory. It sucked for me since the number one rule to success in Cata is by being consistent and I managed to get this consistency by stumbling into a group through QP that were consistently playing together and not rage quitting over a few losses. We eventually got good and were able to survive the evil skull menace; however, just when we were half way through the level I accidentally picked up a blue pot. No one was angry though. One guy even added me so we can do it again later. I just feel really bad for wasting my fellow bros time.

Also I’d like to see nurglings made permanent. They’re too cute to be wasted as simple eye candies for an event that only comes once a year!

What if… We had more daemons to bolster the rotblood faction :thinking:

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Is there supposed to be something under the “Event” page in Okri display? I don’t have anything

I was having a crash in multiple chaos waste games on console when receiving a second level 30 talent. ie starting with black venom thicket and later acquiring ironbark thicket causing a crash every time I used career skill. One of the few crashes I’ve encountered consistently. Does this include a fix for that? If not, is that crash acknowledged and being addressed?

Love the necromancer and more importantly love you guys :heart: I hope we’re blessed with more of these events and more content!

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Can you make the Nurglings a permanent addition? Like stick them where they’d make sense.

Have Nurglings frolicking around the survival event at the end of Convocation of Decay, Chaos Waste and Citadel levels where Nurgle is present, Burblespue Halescourge’s boss arena, and that level where you pop buboes. It’s be great for flavour.

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