Geheimnisnacht is Coming & PC Patch 4.7.3 Notes

Heroes, the most ill-omened night of the year is soon upon us!

Between October 26 - November 6, Geheimnisnacht returns to Vermintide 2 on all platforms. Remember to visit a ritual site, collect the Skull of Blosphoros, and survive the remainder of the mission(s) in order to earn new time-limited rewards.

All players playing during Geheimnisnacht will also earn Double XP!

The Skull of Blosphoros

Disrupt the ritual and secure the Skull of Blosphoros for an extra challenge. Select your courier with caution as there is no second chance of picking up the Skull during that mission once it has been lost.

Watch Your Step!

While traversing through the Reikland, you might encounter a favorite of Nurgle. The Nurglings are known to cause mischief, giggle, and they rarely come in small numbers. Hopefully, they scatter quickly!

New Time-Limited Quests and Rewards

During Geheimnisnacht you can earn new unique time-limited rewards by completing the themed quests. New weapon illusions and portrait frames are awaiting those brave enough to complete the challenge.

Patch 4.7.3 Notes

  • Keybindings can now be bound to up to two different buttons. Keybindings can now be cleared by right-clicking them. A single key can now be bound to several actions (eg. R for reload and weapon special).
  • Chaos Wastes mission modifiers should no longer display #NAME?.
  • Fixed an issue causing bright light exposure when multiple mutators were active at once.
  • Fixed a lighting issue that could occur when night mode or the darkness mutator was active.
  • Fixed an issue where cosmetics would occasionally appear to be missing.
  • Fixed an issue where Sienna’s (Battle Wizard) ‘Fire Trail’ would deal more damage than intended
  • Fixed various crashes.

What Dhar is this

Volkmar’s teeth!

Actually most hyped for that one thing lol.

My favorite event again, nice! I am looking forward to it. :slight_smile:
And the remaster patch is a good thing too. TY!

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Oh boy, if this herald what I think it will herald

I’m golden

Nurgling for both VT2 and DT, Beast of Nurgle for both too ?


Wait wait waaaaaaait WHAT!?

You had my curiosity, now you have my attention.


Should probably release as an announcement on steam since the forums are already getting flooded by people asking ‘why the size?’
I would be there bashing their skulls if i wasn’t banned by an actual valve employee.
Its a miracle i am not banned here.

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The Nurglings are under the Geheimnisnacht section and not Patch 4.7.3 notes. So I assume they’re there for the limited time only.


This is great to see, and overall nice little patch + Halloween event sounds pretty cool.

I do have ask though since it’s been here so long now, should we just be taking bloodshot trueflight interaction as a feature at this point? I would have thought it would be similar priority to fire trail fix if it’s seen by the balance team as something that needs to be fixed (I think most of the players here would agree it should be fixed).

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Hopefully not, this game needs more enemy units.
(and so does darktide)

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It would be somewhat dumb to introduce new enemies but not have them all the time.

I’m hoping that there will be more than Nurgling on the menu. Like Plaguebearer and Pestigor as elite/special


Are you guys sure you didn’t accidentally misplace a coma somewhere on the fire rate of the rat gunners ?

They seem on crack since the patch.

Perhaps its sort of a tip toeing on a pool to see hows the water, last time enemies were introduce there were a bithcing tsunami, wich proudly i wasn’t a part of, i genuinely liked goatboys even at the start when they were basically a moving wall of beef.

Same, the Beastmen aren’t that difficult to play against

Anyone that is proclaiming that they should be taken out of the game because they are broken just don’t know how to play against them.

They would just need a few more units (Special and Elite, though the Gave would have been a great lord idea) and for their archers to be more limited

Whaaaaaaaaa?! By Valaya…

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Damn i hope Nurglings and maybe Plaguebearer will make it into the base game.

Was the stealth bug of Huntsman and shade fixed as well? And the buggy shade ult?

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This update doesn’t seem to be in the Steam announcements for Vermintide 2: Steam :: Warhammer: Vermintide 2 :: Events

In Steam, users will not know what that 37.4 GB update was about (unless they go check out the forums/Reddit).

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People who want them removed from the game are overreacting. The Beastmen just need some fixes and improvements, they don’t need to be deleted entirely. They just need to fix up some of the animations and somehow rework Ungor Archers to be less irritating, maybe by boosting their shooting speed but spawning less of them at once.

I’d also like to see Pestigors amongst them as tanky and hard-hitting but slow elites (similar in principle to the Chaos Warrior), and if possible have Khorngors, Slaangors and Tzaangors as well. Khorngors could act as the Beastmen version of a berserker, and Tzaangors could be a spellcasting special unit, but not sure what niche Slaangors would fill.


Nurglings! Dont tease me!

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