On the Geheimnisnacht Weekly mode

I just wanted to show some appreciation to FS for introducing a new game mechanic (the immortal ghost leech) for the event. I like it actually, as it definitely promotes communication and teamwork. I always enjoy the events FS makes a lot. (“A Quiet Drink” is still one of my favorite things about Vermintide ever.)

It’s a shame if such things are so underused, though. It would be nice if the Geheimnisnacht Ghost could be included in Twitch mode, for example. Make it a voting possibility for the ghost to be active for a short while? That way it can still always be appreciated while still keeping games where it’s a constantly present hazard as a unique Weekly for Geheimnisnacht.

(Also, a bit off-topic but please make it easier to play Twitch mode. Just re-name it and have it as a possible gamemode without Twich integration (simply randomizing the votes or just tossing around a random mutator with a short warning all the time) in the same menu where Quickplay, Custom, Weekly, etc. are. Something like that would be perfect and I have a feeling it would be popular as well.)


As much as I want that, it’s highly unlikely to happen, as they want to “preserve” the uniqueness of the modifier to make it special. It’s similar to how I want “A Quiet Drink” map to be made officially available to all players but because of this approach, they made it so it’s only available probably once or twice a year. Any new content is badly needed for VT2, especially when you consider recent events with regards to dwindling player base and technical issues. I doubt they’re going to change this aspect anytime soon.

I know they want to keep the uniqueness, and with “A Quiet Drink” I can understand it. But if the ghost only shows up for short moments during Twitch mode, a gamemode where the ghost is active constantly can still be kept as a unique gamemode for Geheimnisnacht. Best of both worlds, really.

Personally I dislike the ghost weekly event. Reminds me of Deep Rock Galactic’s Haunted difficulty modifier but that is done far better when it comes to having a slow invincible force following you as you progress as opposed to a super fast race car monster that defies it’s own rules and grabs you forcing others to attack it - constantly.

A Quiet Drink you can still play on Live Servers if you set it up on Custom Maps via Modding Realm.

Yea, they are the only ones that want to do this crap, kinda everyone else want the content to be playable in some way. How much longer is it going to take for them to wake up and integrate as much already rdy to use content as possible ?

I can bring up PoE again, when they create new mechanic/league do they shelf it after “event/league” is over ? No… omg ofc not. They implement it basically immediately in whatever form possible. So game has more content available.

Uniqueness my ass :joy:

They should integrate everything, the Ghostsucc as @TmanDW recommends, the Quiet Drink, the Night Maps, some more stuff from modded realm… everything that is rdy to use or needs only small tweaks.

Btw, at least Diablo 4 kinda gets that they should learn from PoE, talking now about basically doing “PoE Maps” as “Deed crafting system” , Doing Gem-Linking in form of runes and so on. Why ? Because it’s awesome.

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