After Geheimnisnacht

All Developers of good games are always asked to save at least some of the Еvent content for regular playing. So here are my personal suggestions:

  1. Add ‘Morrslieb Green Gloomy Night’ to the Random Weather List. On all maps where possible. Just because we already have too few different weather per map - two usually, old and new.

  2. Leave candles, ghostly voices and spooky sounds as permanent elements of the Taal Horn Keep decoration. No wonder Lohner said that “this place may be haunted”.

Franz Lohner: You hear those screams last night? Reckon there’s a chance this old place is haunted.

Pumpkins and gravestones can be removed after the holiday.

NOTE: I also approve the idea of adding all sorts of purchased Kееp decorations to the Emporium.

  1. And of course. Access to “A Quiet Drink” map must be permanent. Please just add it, or sanction the mod so that there is no problem playing it without an exploit in the Official Realm. More maps are always good!

I would also like to suggest that when it snows there would actually snow on the ground and on the rooftops.

Like Karak Azgaraz type snow <3


Provided the spooky weather has a lower chance of being used (thus making it a rare visual treat) I’m all for it being added to the normal weather pool.


I agree, green lighting is looking very good on many maps. That is why I would like to see it - at least sometimes, more than once a year.
In addition, since we do not receive many new map, it is good at least to diversify the existing ones, at least somehow.


NOTE : I also approve the idea of adding all sorts of purchased Kееp decorations to the Emporium

I would love this, purchasing decorations for the keep would be awesome. Upgrading the rooms, repairing the keep so its more comfty or home-like (I miss Red Moon Inn).


It’s the thread that pops up this time every year!

Strongly agreed. FS have been sticking their heads in the sand for years about the serious dearth of content. This is such an easy way to add a good deal of variety that they’re frankly mad to not have already done it.

We get it, they wanna keep timed events feeling as special as possible. That’s just not a luxury they have at their average speed of content release unfortunately.


Yup some unlock options for participating in events would add some awesome variety… but not sure they are capable.

  • Keep appearance variances
  • Weather pools, special events adding new Variety

Host choices would dictate with option to turn off special weather.


If only. Every time an event rolls around, all I think about is how the previous iteration was better, even if it was only so in the smallest capacity.

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I disagree.

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