Geheimnisnacht Frame this year?

Is there none, or can we obtain previous years’ ?

A friend was telling me that the hat is meant to be this year’s reward and that A Quiet Drink gave it to us because Fatshark didn’t think we’d hit the big 5 in kills.

Now, this is all hearsay mind you. I have yet to find where the community manager supposedly said this and my friend can’t remember where he “found it” either. Either way, I’m sure they’ll say something about us squishing their challenge on Nov. 2.

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I didn’t do A Quite Annoying Drink and I got the hat.

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A Quiet Drink and shark hat were for the 5 year anniversary.

There is no frame for the Halloween event, just dark maps.

Also, Hedge was obviously joking.


I honestly thought it was going to fail. We added 55,555,555 kills to the target in the last minute before going live, we had no idea the traffic the Free Weekend would bring.


Tbf, you do have a fantastic sense of humor :smiley:

Also, I’ve noticed a lot more Vermintide 2 streams popping up since the Free Weekend. I believe there were almost 20 last night. That’s really good! They all seemed to enjoy the game so maybe they’ll stick around :smiley:

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