Will old event items make a return?

And will old Weave Seasonal achievements be changed in a way to allow for newer players to get them?

I’m generally not a fan of exclusivity, especially when it’s based on being around at a specific time. I the ability to get everything in a game that I spend full price on (I own all of your DLC Fat Shark, keep doin’ good <3).

I’d like to see a return of these events that give newer players a chance to join in and get the rewards from them. There’s a lot of artwork from the first event that I’d like to hang up in my keep, and I like a lot of the player banners that I see.

I hope for some constructive feedback that isn’t simply “you weren’t around therefore you don’t get it” and “i like my exclusives because they’re exclusive” in a game that isn’t really a “live service”.



I have no problem with time limited cosmetics. I just think they should be removed from Okri’s challenges so that new players won’t be faced with a lot of uncompleteable challenges if the buy the game after the deadline. Seasonal weave frames, etc.

What I’d really like to see is some of the VT1 time limited hats introduced into VT2, maybe as event rewards too. I’d really like to rock Bardin’s helm with a candle on it on Helmgart maps.


I honestly feel like just removing them is pretty lazy, though it would at least alleviate the issue of want.

Another problem with time limited exclusives is what do you do when the game isn’t being played anymore?

Seasonal rewards for weaves don’t appear in the completion tab of the challenge book. If it matters to you, you can have it at 100% while keeping very little interaction with weaves.

It’s not so much that I care about the completion. I like some of the borders too, and would like to get them, even if they’re tied to weaves. I feel like having a system set up to “choose a path” on which border you could aim for and then working towards the top tier of that border would work better, having it evolve as you progress.

(That being said, weave weapon skins when?)

Quality of seasonal events took a massive nosedive after the first few (the bonfire event was unique and fun)

They have had chances to have these frames up for grabs when the event times come back around, but usually now it’s just a keep palette swap with no rewards

Basically I wouldn’t hold out any hope

That’s kind of the point of feedback threads, though. Gotta let the devs know that we may want features to return that were available for only a limited time.

Trust me, this isn’t the first time it’s been asked for

I’m just saying based on their track record, I can’t see them putting in the effort

Not that there’s anything wrong with asking again

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