Is it possible to quick match into a game on the modded realm when you started the game in the unmodded realm?

I was in the unmodded realm joined a Legend game in progress through quick match and the Sienna player had what looked like a large Bardin Ironbreaker head (beard and all) as a hat. I left the game because something was definitely fishy with the whole situation. If I somehow had joined a modded realm game I didn’t want to continue but if that player was up to some funny business I didn’t want to get banned or anything.

Does anybody know if this is a thing?


No you can’t. If you play on unmodded realm you never need to worry that there is cheating going on.
The situation you are referring to, Sienna using Bardins hat, is a glitch. If you go to the modded realm you can use whatever helm you want on any hero, if you then go back and join unmodded the game still registers that you have the helm on the hero, so you can use whatever helm on whatever hero. It’s a glitch. And will be fixed, but it doesn’t impact the game in any other way than the outlines looking very weird through walls. It isn’t cheating, no need to worry staying in those matches.

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Incorrect. The patch today was about preventing inventory changes on the modded realms from influencing the official realms. If you hadn’t heard, there were “exploits” that leaked onto official with people equipping various weapons in the “wrong” slot. The silly hats (which I loved) are collateral damage.

Wow, salty much?

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