Pyromancer with Ironbreaker's head

Just had a game with a pyromancer running around with the head (helmet including the beard) of Ironbreaker. While it was a refreshing new look for Sienna it got me wondering - are there any mods already sanctioned and I just didn’t get the memo or how is that even possible?

No there aren’t, it is a Secret your should never heard of, im sorry but you have to Die!

The Topic was already discussed, you can find it if you use the search bar.


Just to be a bit more helpful: Some effects of mods (namely, those that change your equipment) can carry to the Official Realm. Load the mod, change stuff, unload it and start back in Official, and you have some unusual equipment combinations.

To know about the sanctioned mods, check Steam Workshop: There are tags for Applied, Approved and Denied mods. Nearly all of them are at Applied status atm, even if actual application protocol hasn’t been released publicly. My personal suspicion is that to prepare for the application process, FS just takes the already existing mods to screen, to see how their process works. Likely later on the mods will have to be actively applied to get screened for sanctioned status.

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Actual the Offi and Mod Real just Share the Character Info.

Almost every game i have to explain that i didnt get my weird a$$ hat from a drop lol

I will take that to heart the next time I play!

I see, I thought it might be something like that, thanks. :slight_smile:

Yes, I read somewhere it will probably (and sadly) take a while longer until the first sanctioned mods are to be expected…

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