Substantial Sanctioned mod wave soon?

With some of the kinks in the system worked with some of the more simple mods are we going to get some of the more substantial mods sanctioned?

or is Robbin the only one working on mod sanctioning and him taking a holiday grinds everything to a halt?

i for one have been dying to see Grimalackt’s bot improvements mods and Aussiemon’s More Hats mod go through the sanctioning process, even if they get denied, at least then they can use that feedback to make the appropriate changes to the mods

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I dont think we are going to see a “wave” soon, it seems that they are releasing the mods when they can.

And if they are going to release More Hats I hope it is going to be client side only, if I for example ever see a Slayer with a helmet or a Ironbreaker with the slayer-mohawk I am going to kick them from the session.


The “More Hats” mod is never going to be sanctioned as all of the hats in the game files are there for future, official DLC and events. If someone makes some entirely new models and textures for hats, they might make it in but the current hats everyone is raving about will be available through official releases and will almost never be given away for free.

The Bot Improvements mod might make a fundamental change to the difficulty of the game - and as FS have said something along the lines of “We don’t want the bots to be too good as we want people to play together” Then the bot improvements are unlikely to see the official realm.

I’d rather ALL mods were in the modded realm, but then I’m a bit of a purist - and I completely agree with @Belsebull in that I’ll kick anyone who is wearing a stupid hat on the wrong character. Shove off into the modded realm.


while personally i think it would be a bit petty to kick someone just because you don’t like how they look, it is likely the mod will only be sanctioned with the caveat that it has to be only visible to users of the mod

The mod only let’s you use base or unlocked hats from within your inventory on every character/class and will likely be sanctioned with the caveat that it has to be only visible to users of the mod

bots are useless half the time in champion and just plain dead weight in legend and that’s on top of the way they ninja healing ignoring the fact someone will die on there next down because they have lots of temp health,
FatShark either needs to sanction the bot improvement mods or improve there AI themselves so they are on par with the average player of the difficulty they are in, if that makes stuff like legend too easy bring back nightmare and/or cataclysm from V1

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As was already said, the More Hats mod will not get sanctioned as it exists right now. Getting it to be visible only to its user(s) might make it feasible, but I think it more likely needs some additional limitations, such as limiting the hat options to the same character only (so no bearded Sienna). Even then it’s questionable whether Robin and other reviewers think it too silly or lore- or immersion-breaking.

The bot improvements are on the edge too. They don’t change the game’s fundamentals, and in my opinion the changes (as far as I know about them) aren’t that big, but it does affect the difficulty of the game anytime one’s playing with bots (and honestly, through that takes a bit away from the co-op aspect of the game). I think them being separated to Item handling and Combat raises their chances of getting approved, but I still wouldn’t hold my breath. Bot selection does have quite a good chance of getting approved though, I think, and honestly, it’s the one I’m most anticipating. For now, though, Grim has marked in a WiP (or at least it was a couple of days ago), so I wouldn’t expect it too soon either.

If you want to increase a certain mod’s chances of getting reviewed in the next wave, go to Steam and upvote it, as Robin has said that the mods’ popularity is one basis for choosing the review order. It won’t affect the end result, but we will know sooner, at least.

More generally, Robin has talked about the second wave, so it’s very likely that at least the second set of mods will come in a bunch. How large a bunch, how soon, and how often after that I have no idea about. I think the purpose of the system is at least partially to get a somewhat steady flow to the reviewing process and mod approval, so I at least expect for the second and maybe third wave to be larger, and after that smaller sets more often. As Robin seems to be the one with most say about the mods, and as he’s the dev mostly interacting with modders, it’s almost certainly waiting until he gets back to work (and a bit after that, to catch up). My guess is, wait two or three weeks more before getting anxious about it.

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They are too lazy to fix the broken parts of the game and would rather modders did it for them.

Then they are too lazy to sanction the very mods that fix the game…

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Wait 1~2weeks bro

They just cant do it becuz of xbox porting and forced vacation

Now xbox port is done and they return from vacation and i think we gonna get big update within 2 week

i’d correct you that they’ve said that there not going to prioritize sanctioning some mods because they have plans to implement those things themselves but with the xbone port and never ending holidays they haven’t actually delivered on that comment yet…

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