Official and Mod Realm Confusion

I understand that modding encompasses the world of direct item spawning, controlling enemy spawns, god mode, etc. You wouldn’t want the rewards from modded servers getting into normal ones, because the effort required to complete Legend with mods can be significantly less than without. Also, you wouldn’t want people with mods that can interfere with others’ gameplay to pollute the quickplay queues.

However, the majority of VT1 players only ever used the Quality of Life modpack, and a majority of players did not consider that to be cheating. If I wanted to see precisely the life remaining on an elite or special, I could toggle on a hovering HP bar for my own benefit. If I wanted to see hovering damage numbers, it wasn’t reducing the challenge involved with competing a level on Cataclysm at all. Auto-block while typing, etc… It just gave some utility the base game didn’t come with.

Is FS intending to isolate these UI improvements to the Mod Realm with all the wild difficulty modifiers and cheaty stuff?

how the players are droping im sure they will remove all crap what divides community in 2.
and the one who hack-spawn all crap will play with legit users

That would make the most sense, but their efforts to get Anti Cheat working implies they’re intent on blocking the methods QoL depended on to work in normal games. They want to keep vanilla, base-game players protected from any game-breaking mods.

Some mods will be sanctioned by Fatshark to be usable in the official realm (already are but mods aren’t officially out yet).
In the modded realm there are no rewards at the end of a run and this might stay like this when mods come out officially.
If you are interested in more information or want to play with mods right now join this group:

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I just want to mod myself hats since the grind is the most soul-crushing experience I’ve encountered in years. Stop denying me fashiontide!

You can do it right now. There’s a mod that lets you wear hats from other characters and careers. When you equip said hat on the modded realm and then go back to playing vanilla your fashion choices will stay. Some are useless,like Bardin mohawk- it hovers over any other character except Bardin, there’s a lot of clipping issues with them overall. I equipped BH iron helmet on Kruber and it looks glorious.

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I want a sanctioned inventory mod, since they seem to have no plans to redo what I feel to be one of the worst inventory systems in a game, ever.

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Does it unlock the hats to equip? I had assumed I would need them and it’d just let me use them on other characters.

No it doesn’t. It lets you equip most of the hats you have(so by default 15 - 3 from each character) and you can’t equip them when you’re in vanilla. but when you equip them on modded realm they stay equipped in vanilla once you switch.

Unchained with Bardins IB helmet + beard looks hilarious and awesome.

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