Terrible priorities

Whats that? Charms can’t role a specific thing they should? Rerolling and “rng” isn’t working properly? Chaos spawns spazzing out and landing shots without any animation? (insert any of the other hundreds of issues here)Lets fix the bug that allowed the many hat mod to work in the official realm.
I’m glad you’ve got your priorities straight fatshark , it’s always your top priority to remove anything fun be it exploits, overpowered abilities on characters, things that generally put a smile on peoples faces instead of fixing the bugs and inconsistencies that ruin the game.


Weapons being utterly imbalanced across the board, pyro beam staff abuse ruining games, boss aggro system broken, enemies on different elevations having 4 times the range they should have etc etc.


1 more thing I still have the handmaiden border on Siena so that hasn’t been patched even tho it’s not nearly as fun as having waystalkers hair and hood on saltspyre and saying you’re the prettiest or you’re the real elf when there is an actual elf in the party.

Yeah you can go on for hours about the bugs and fun ruining things that exist and when you’re done listing every single thing you somehow play another mission and discover a new thing that’s obviously is unintended and ruins the game.

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Oh no, they ruined an exploit that allowed for both infinite ammo and infinite shade active. What a terrible day.


When I read that they changed the hat swapping between characters my reaction was, " are you f***ing kidding me?" With all that’s wrong with the game and all the stuff that was promised for like a month and a half ago, that is what they spend their time on. I really like this game but I am extremely close to quitting. This is a joke at this point. The roadmap was basically a big lie, they are busy doing dumb stuff like this and trying to make a cash grab from consoles instead of doing what they said they would.



I mean it’s also possible some of these changes were just ready to go and they thought it would be beneficial to release them early while still working on the bigger issues.

To be honest i think it was just way easier to fix this and thats the reason why.


This wasn’t mentioned in the notes. What did they fix?

Fatshark isnt fixing the major problems because they cant be fixed. They literally dont know what the hell they are doing. It took like what? Two weeks or so to fix the backend error that occured by one of their “improvements” and this was a pretty clear bug with error message and so on.

It took two months to fix the green dust gameplay flaw.

All the other stuff you are talking about is so inconsistent and basically not recreatable by any means, it will possibly take months to even find out whats actually wrong. Not talking about fixing it.
Its maybe even engine related (iceskating). You should be prepared for the fact that the current state of the game is maybe also the final state.

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Talk about unpleasable fans… The devs roll out a (minor) patch, and the first reaction to it I see is “you’re focusing on the wrong things”.

Balance tweaks, RNG troubles and many bugs aren’t really easy to fix. If the RNG is really faulty, it requires a lot of testing and even more to tweak the code so it doesn’t break more things. For bugs, they will have to be located first, then figure out the fix, and lastly ensure the fix doesn’t create extra problems. Similar stuff with balance; the consequences of balance changes need to be figured out, and even more troublesome, what the players really want of the balance.

Of the bug fixes in the patch, one was similar to another that was fixed before, one was a simple graphical fix, and two were likely simple troubles with certain event flags. On the “Tweaks and Changes” side, I see an unlock (likely removal of a bit of code), an added line or three of code to prevent abuse (that wasn’t limited to the weird hats, btw), a simple graphical change and one more complex change to code, preventing some crashes.

So yes, this patch was a relatively minor one, FS is still working on the more difficult (and serious) issues, and the backend error reducing code was likely the whole point of this patch. Anything else was just bonus. Would you have been happier if that had been the only thing to be fixed?

I’ll rather take several small patches (unless they come every day, like on Payday 2’s major events nowadays) than one huge one. This way we still see progress on fixing the game, it’s a way for the devs to say “we’re still working on things, don’t worry”. It’s also summer, and programmers need their vacation time too. There’s a few reasons for easy and simple fixes for now.


While most of what you say is true, it’s also painfully obvious that it takes these devs forever and a day to even do simple, basic changes to the code.

It’s also painfully obvious that the code for the game is a complete shambles, as they keep introducing bugs with every little thing they try to do, and often end up resorting to stupid brute force fixes to problems. (Slayer 2nd melee defaulting to blacksmith weapon just being the latest most obvious example of a brute force fix to a problem they just can’t code a fix for.)

QA must also be at an absolute minimum as balance changes seem to basically not be thought through and tested at all before they’re put in, patches regularly break super-obvious things or entire classes and is never caught by QA.

And of course, the game was a complete and total mess on release, with a truly staggering number of bugs, systems that weren’t even implemented on live (and the devs never bothered to test on live, they just tested patches on internal builds…this is such a big NO NO that it can’t be overstated what a blunder that was), talents not working/only working on host that they are still not done fixing, missing artwork for a host of red weapons, the keep and more, the maps were just full of transparent walls and full of places to fall through geometry.

The missing artwork isn’t a bug by the way, or they would have fixed it by now. They simply shipped the game without them, just one more sign that they launched a completely unfinished game with an incredibly messy and unstable code-base.

They have fixed a lot of things after release, getting the game a bit closer to release-state, but it’s still not exactly a finished product, and I haven’t been impressed with the patch output so far.

They also seem to have this wierd obsession with screwing their customers over, for no obvious reason. It’s not like the insane RNG in the game is making them money. But still they have thought processes that go like this:

The players HATE all the RNG and want bounty boards to work towards specific weapons/cosmetics.
Oh, I know what we’ll do, we’ll instead give them what no one asked for, and give them a couple more one in a million RNG changes a week!

A lot of players feel miffed about the massively buggy unfinished state of the game, the fact that it took 3 months to implement cosmetics and everyone wasted all their grinding and have to grind for 1500 more hours to get the cosmetics! Some of them are asking for chests as a goodwill measure to restore faith in us!

Oh, I know what we’ll do, we’ll call the very NOTION of creating goodwill by giving away free, no-cost-to-us chests as CRAZY. Oh and say that it isn’t the end of the world, because nothing says we care more than that.


Commander J summed up the problems pretty well. The game has a ton of issues and with every patch they break something new or fail to fix something they claimed to. They are way behind the roadmap they put out. The game isn’t even in the state it should have been at launch. What other job can you fall so far behind schedule and constantly screw things up and not get any backlash for it? I don’t get all the fanboys who praise the devs for doing a subpar job.


There is just so much stuff like “Completing achievement with Bardin gives you the Sienna achievement instead of Bardin achievement.” like who programmed this junk in the first place? This is the most basic stuff, this was just a programmer who didn’t care or wasn’t paying attention.

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lul I forgot your potatoes, dropped your bread on the floor, and your steak is still raw, oh and i poured your drink into your lap. y’all come back now ya hear?


I think the hat mod fix is going to make me take a break for a while. Not very pleased with that and the F2 cutscene bug being fixed so quickly. Much more pressing issues that actually decrease the quality of people’s experience.

Is it that hard to post a temporary road map or at least tell us why they’re fixing what they’re fixing?



I agree that it’s dumb and shows lack of quality and professionalism but as someone who knows very little about coding I do know that it’s not easy.

The game is what it is , it has a lot going for it and obviously a lot ruining it but when the community manages to add and discover fun stuff to it ,the devs take it away which I hate. Games should be first and foremost FUN.

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