Slayer cosmetics

Hey guys,

I just want to ask if anybody saw Skin/Hat for Slayer, except those from challenges. I have opened over 100 commendation chests as Slayer and get nothing…not even for any other dwarf carrer.

Seen a couple of them, yes.
For all the careers in fact. They’re around. it’s all RNG.

No. Please. No. :smiley: I am not seeing what I am staring at here. Am I?

AM I GOING CRAZY? Have I finally succumbed to the madness of the Chaos Gods?

What is this? This looks worse than the Double Mohawk. :japanese_goblin:

I wants this!!! :scream_cat:

The trouble with head cosmetics with slayer for now is that the head is “brighter” than the rest of the body and you can see a separation between the head and the body (wich make me feel like im wearing a skin mask… its … weird) but i’ve seen 2 new lootable head skins and they both have the same hair cut with different tattoo.

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