Please, no more slayer "helmets"

Kill it with fire.

Instead of helmets, why not give him new bracers, boots, tattoos and pants? There is no way to give slayer satisfactory new hairstyles.

Sure it’s supposed to be a helmet category, but is replacing helmets with anything else for the slayer specifically really that bad an alternative?


I want some Snorri Nosebiter mohawk nails.


There’d be exactly one Helmet for the Slayer: the Slayer Crown

Is this “THING” is official slayer cosmetic?..

lol yeah, thought it was a joke until I got it on my slayer

I want THIS slayer hair.



Nice, even his beard is wielding axes, works for me!

I view this as the canonical slayer Bardin hair: Bardin has male pattern baldness; He’s gotta make do with what he has.

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