The helm for the Zealot

Making us bald? Not a fan.

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Some make you look like BDSM enthusiasts. I suppose that is more fitting?

TBH it’s mostly me grumbling about the whole ‘make your own character for immersion’ thing. I wouldn’t mind this if it was an established character having this on them, but they’re modifying ‘my’ character by making them bald instead of either making it a full cap or having it rest on top/through the hair.

I know the option to just not use it if I don’t like it is there, and I’m going to be taking it. It just doesn’t feel great to have the unlock be something like this. At least with the full helms we can pretend that the hair is tucked away under it, but there’s no pretending with this.


Just got mine as well, and was pretty disappointed. If they’re going for House Cawdor vibes with it (which is cool), we should still have our hair :frowning: