Please let us have hair (a psyker's lamentations)

Title, I just don’t want to look like a sad, bald angry person when I wear one of the cool, edgy headgear.
My Beautiful Hair

My Sad Headgear options makes me bald and sad



I seriously dont know who actually thought this would be ok…

Considering the entire intent of this iteration of the game was meant to be a character which you can customise identify with and build as your own, how did someone actually give this the OK stamp to completely change the aesthetic and hair of your character when applying a PAID cosmetic, which they gave no indication would make you bald.



I mean after the botched job on the eviscerator and them just 1.25x multiplyin the 1 hand chainsword and thinking it wouldnt annoy anyone who used it this is just getting to the point of unacceptable, someone needs to review whats going on in the art department asap…


I too hate being bald just because I wear a hood.

They should be able to use the gore system to make the hair work with the headgear, IE making the hair outside the hair transparent/invisible.

Shouldn’t be that hard since every enemy in the game uses that mechanic.

Hair gets in the way of your Psyker powers.