Of helmets and haircuts

I bought a helmet for my Psyker in the shop, using my imperial edition currency.

I assumed since the helmet was very open (it’s the one with the metal mohawk thing in the shape of the Inquisition logo) it would display my hair (i’ve got the Heihachi Mishima hair from Tekken, which would fit perfectly).

The helmet hides the haircut, so I am not using it. Very disappointed especially considering this was bought with premium currency. No way to preview the helmet on your character either.

You fixed the Zealot helmet that made your character bald as well, please do the same for all the open-ish helmets. Actually even the closed ones, since if your hair clips through it and you don’t like it you can just go to the barber and shave it for free.

For reference the helmet I’m talking about is the Illissi Mk IVa Psykana Meditation Helm.


Yeah. The shop cosmetics really need a preview option, especially the headgear.


I just bought the same helmet and I was very disappointed to see that it makes my character bald. They should really address this issue and add a better previewing system considering you spend real money on these cosmetics.

I bought the red hood for the zealot and when I place it on him, all facial hair disappeared…lol … which makes no sense when the game encourages the hair customization. I would not have purchased knowing it would shave the characters beard off. I asked support about it and apparently it was developed that way. During beta it showed the hood with a beard as I intended on a couple tries but for most trials the wearing of the red hood calls for a zealot to be clean shaven.

I bought the nasara set for psyker and not only did my hair clip through it but your head clips through it when you run. Kinda sad.