Zealot's Remembrance Hood SHOULDN'T GET RID OF FACIAL HAIR (I feel CHEATED)

Bruh. Look at the photos below. My Zealot has a sick mustache. The sick mustache appears with the beta helmet. Yet it doesn’t appear in the PAID headpiece Excoriator’s Remembrance Hood? Why? His entire face is visible! I spent real money on this, the solution to any clipping issues shouldn’t be this much of a bandaid of just “get rid of the facial hair.” The mustache should at least should be visible.

Fatshark pls fix or else I’m not sure I can trust buying new cosmetics without at least seeing how it looks ON YOUR OWN player model first.


I mean just imagine if you did this to a Warhammer Dwarf and you’ll understand my pain and rage.


I’m guessing this is why they preview the piece on a blank dummy rather than your own character.

Not the first time i’ve heard of the paid cosmetics breaking the hair/features of your fella.


Yup. What a grift. Whoever half baked these cosmetics is going into the book.


There are worse problems than that too currently with cosmetics, I think this will just get fixed over time.
Another example on my Psyker when I am sprinting my head/hair clips through the back of any helmet that is tied to the chest, for example the shop cosmetic another example the imperial edition metal collar.

I got the Zealot chest piece with the Aquillas I got from the imperial edition (what a waste that was)

And the two scriptures on the sides look so derpy when running around it looks awful. They don’t move at all how they should, they stick out awkwardly, and my arms clip through them all the time. Hell, during the mission prep and on the flight, the texture doesn’t load in properly half the time. For a $15 piece of cosmetic or however much it is, I’d assume that more care would have been put into them because I’d be pissed. I mean I kinda am, now I’m wishing i’d wait to see what the next week one is or maybe the Ogryn.


I am so sorry for you.
We all have no crafting, but if one wants SOME stuff, one even gets equipment which does not work - for money.

Fatshark should really shut down the shop for now, until skins work and we get a system like in Vermintide 2 (so without dark patterns).

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The same with me. Except for the eyebrows, both the hair on the head and the facial hair disappear.
I couldn’t see this headgear having this effect before.
That should certainly not be the case and since I have now spent extra money on it, I am of course even more dissatisfied with it.
I ask you to cover the hair on the head only in the appropriate places and not to remove it completely.