Excoriator's Remembrance Hood losing hair

For the Zealot, I was glad that the cowl has been updated to keep the hair and not go bald, but the new Excoriator’s Remembrance Hood has that problem again, my Zealot loses all his hair when wearing it.

I understand this is a fairly small problem in scheme of things but just wanted to put my two cents out there for feedback.


I agree this needs to be fixed, and if it can’t be fixed it should have a disclaimer in the shop. This item costs actual money so it should be very clear what you will get.

I also noticed this after buying it, wondering where my moustache is

The same with me. Except for the eyebrows, both the hair on the head and the facial hair disappear.
I couldn’t see this headgear having this effect before.
That should certainly not be the case and since I have now spent extra money on it, I am of course even more dissatisfied with it.
I ask you to cover the hair on the head only in the appropriate places and not to remove it completely.