Excoriator's Remembrance Hood

I really like this hood, but I don’t like that it makes my character look bald.

It seems like a simple way to fix it would be to add a cowl underneath the hood.

Here’s what it looks like now:

And here’s a (really poor, MS paint-level) mockup of what I think would improve it substantially:


You are right, the fact that it looks bald is so terrible im surprised they passed it off like that. This is a good suggestion and wouldnt be hard to for an artist to fix (source: im an artist in game dev and I know this would be a 1 day fix at most)

It also removes the mustache/beard if you put it on a character with one of those.

I get that clipping seems unprofessional to most 3d artists, but I think in that case, they should just let the facial hair clip. It can’t look that bad.