Head Cosmetics remove hair and beards?

So I just managed to get the Cowl of the Shamed for my preacher, and heard from an friend with an Ogryn: When you equip a head slot cosmetic, it removes all of your character’s hair / beard selections while equipped. This seems really odd, considering. Definitely suggest that the hair / beard stay rather than disappear, as ugly as it might be!

I dunno about the beard selection, but I can confirm that specific one removes the hair.

This is extremely disappointing, I just found this out following launch.

I got the Excoriator’s Remembrance Hood from the cosmetic shop on my preacher, and found out that it removed all facial hair… the preivew didnt really indicate that at all…

if I had known it would do that I would have never purchased it.


It’s a bug, they’re already working on it

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same, had I known the hood made my character bald I would not have spent money on it

There is no reason that I need to shave my head to wear a cloth hood

Am i the only one with this clipping ? Trimmed away my beard thinking that that’s the issue, but that wasn’t the case.

That looks so unhinged, holy emperor that’s hilarious


Hi, where did they confirm that it is bugged for the Excoriator’s Remembrance Hood, couldn’t find any confirmation it’s bugged and going to be fixed on the forums / discord?

A chin so strong it cuts through any fabric.

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