Zealot headgear is Terrible

I’m not entirely sure how this headgear, which seems to be the only headgear available for the zealot class, got through art team, it genuinely looks terrible and silly and I haven’t seen a single person wear it because of it. It has the top of the hood open, and it makes people bald completely negating their choice of hair, while having absolutely no coolness factor to it. It looks like the Grey Fox’s cowl from Oblivion but with the top open.
I honestly think this headgear would be perfectly fine if the top was just closed, this gets rid of the hair not being there issue and makes it more palatable because honestly it doesn’t seem like any one is excited to even unlock these in comparison to all the other classes, who get genuinely cool headgear. That or perhaps have it come with a hood that covers the top of the head.

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I like it but would prefer if hair could come through instead of being bald with a strap across.