Why I couldn't care less about new cosmetic items

…because I have over 400 hours in the game, opened countless emp legend chests and have one red trinket. Boy oh boy, I’m sure excited to not get these new cosmetics to add to my gigantic collection of 3 total hats and 3 total skins that I got from collectors edition. Boy,oh boy,I feel like a collector all right.

But sarcasm aside, I just switched to collecting <300 PL orange and blue items form emp legend chests. They are SO worth it.


damn, your luck is bad. since the patch hit i’ve been averaging a red every 2 days, and i don’t even have time to play much =( gotta work most of the day

Good for you. Please keep us informed.

oh woops. i shall remove mine post with haste

time played does not equal red success. maybe win more and get more? 1 book 1 grim finishes get you merchant vaults and thats enough to get me more than 15 reds now. the real culprit is cosmetics. i have 2 heros over 120 lvl and everyone else over 50 and still no cosmetics. thats a lot of commendations

maybe read more learn more.


I cant really say im unlucky since i already have a few red items (even tho i dont use some) but after 400hrs i still have to see 1 hat. And i only play Legend with all chars over 30 and my Kruber almost at 200…thats a lot of comm chests that didnt drop a vanity item.

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