Collector’s Edition wallpapers in Ultrawide?

So I got myself a new ultra wide monitor but all of my favorite Vermintide wallpapers aren’t in 3440x1440 resolution. I haven’t had any luck searching on Google. Are the CE wallpapers available in Ultrawide resolution somewhere?




@Fatshark_Hedge The main man might have them, he’s probably busy with update though.

I don’t believe they are, no. I would guess the best could be done would be to take the 4k ones and crop :frowning:

Aw, that stinks. I’ll just stick with my usual 4K background then. Looks good enough on the Ultrawide I suppose. Maybe someone will do Sigmar’s work and convert some of them to 3440x1440. I’m not savvy enough to do so.

Which one do you use?


It’s the one called “Enemies” I believe. Has the Chaos Warrior with his axe standing there ominously and a bunch of Skaven and a Troll in the background.

Fixed. Sorry!



Man that is just awesome. Made my whole day!

Can’t wait to see it in true Ultrawide glory when I get home!

I’m not an artist I’m afraid, so the recomposition might not pass our Art Director’s very high standards, but I won’t tell if you won’t!