In-game map (for the keep)

For me it would be very nice to have an actual map of all the locations we’re able to play in! Nothing big, no rework of the map selection, etc…
Lohner is standing in front of some kind of map. Would be interessting to interact with it and see all the locations we play in map-wise to get a sense of orientation geographically.

Here’s something I’ve found, maybe someone will find this also interessting:

It’s (almost) a “googlemap-like” edition of the Warhammer map.
I’ve spotted Helmgart, Ussingen, Bögenhafen, Stromdorf (Warcamp? Or Froschdorf…I forgot), even Mordheim ;), Norsca, etc…
I don’t know how old this is. A couple of spots may not be on there (Dreisdunkelmine, Taal’s Horn Keep, Karak Gnol --> haven’t found it yet) because it’s not an end times map or generally complete at least.

I’m always very curious about seeing the actual maps of a fictional universe. Gives me a better feel for it and inspires me.

So where are all the locations we play in this game?


  • Righteous Stand
  • Convocation of decay
  • Halescourge
  • Screaming bell?
  • First part of Skittergate

Reikwald forest:

  • Athel Yenlui
  • Festering Grounds?
  • Warcamp? (or Strom-/Froschdorf?)
  • Engines of War


  • Against the grain
  • Empire in flames?


  • Horn of Magnus
  • Garden of Morr?

Grey Mountains:

  • Taal’s Horn Keep
  • Hunger in the dark? (Dreisdunkelmine)
  • Into the Nest? (Karak Gnol)

Bögenhafen seems to be clear ;). Where in Norsca is the Skittergate?

Like I said, I’m always very curious about maps and locations ;)!


Ah yes, this map I downloaded and ended up with a 368 MB jpeg…
Screaming Bell is indeed in Helmgart

Pretty sure Warcamp isn’t near Stromdorf cause we had a Stromdorf DLC in VT1 and it didn’t quite looks like that…
Garden of Morr is near Ubersreik yes.

Hunger in the Dark and Into the Nest could very much be in the Grey Mountain.

I’d need to replay it to check, but I think during the Norsca part in Skittergate, we go near the Bay of Fins, so it’s the Skaelings part of Norsca, near Sea of Claws.

Yes, why let all this background material go to waste. I super appreciated the somewhat adequate map found in V1. It gave you a sense of where you were going and how large the epidemic really was. Certainly added to the tensity and gave you a feel for how desperate people must have been and stuff



Ah, thanks for all the input!
I think I also remember “The Bay of Fins”!

I feel the atmo in the keep is somehow calm. Too calm. Would very much appreaciate some extra Lohner voicelines like:"…the Altdorf nobles finally came to senses now that the ratman are chewing off their arses and forcing them to…blabla"…you get the sense :)!
He is the informant, so he could actually inform us about the ongoing epidemic by creating dramatic news about the other towns, etc…
The state of emergency and general atmosphere could well be uplifted by this! Or down actually…;)!

Now wait a minute, let’s not forget the Bretonnian knights are fighting amongst themselves :upside_down_face:

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