The Map. More. Of. This

“A quiet drink” map was so good.
Walking through these places i’ve been before but in a new setting was bliss. It really added to the narrative in a major way.

Reusing assets this way gives us players the players feeling of that Helmgart is our home now. Let us explore it more.

I Love staring a mission then suddenly walking through familiar place and then ending up somewhere unfamiliar. It really puts more weight and prescense to the world we inhabit as players.

Will edit later. But bottom line: great map. Thank you all for a wonderfull year


Icing on the cake: ending at the teleporter from the tutorial.


Really agree with this. And maps like this is what I kinda thought Back to Ubersreik would be. Too bad.


I strongly agree - while I definitely want to see new stuff, I’d also really like more common updates of maps that just use mostly re-used assets. I like the look of Imperial towns, and the level designs themselves are always phenomenal and interesting. Vermintide 1 managed to be incredibly good and memorable with many maps appearing roughly similar!

The only thing I don’t like about A Quiet Drink is the staggering/blurring effects. Kinda the first time I’ve ever started to get motion sick in a game. :S


I really enjoy this map and I want more of these.
The map itself is great, the mechanics are refreshing (badum tiss) but I really love how the drunk heroes got more depth like Kerillian showing a less devious side or Saltzpyre talking things off his heart. When he said something like he did not always wanted to become a Witchhunter I was like “whaaat?”
And suddenly the Ubersreiks five or four (doesn’t matter) feel less like individuals with the same destination but like a team.

Back to the mechanics: Lovely and it would be great if we could have more of these unique maps. Too bad the map will be gone in a week.
Any chance we can, if there will be more event maps, collect them into their own category?
Like we currently can pick from Helmgart, Bögenhafen and Ubersreik another category like ‘Events’? But without the event rewards.



I missed the ending of that saltzpyre’s dialogue, did you get to hear what he’d have liked to be? That line was cut for me

I don’t think there comes anything after.
I guess it is supposed to be cut.

Btw, the dialogues change depending on who enters an area first. Makes me want to replay the map.

In an effort to get the game not to crash (which didn’t work at all btw), I turned off all sanctioned mods. The combination of drunk effects, head wobble, and career skill effects was profoundly headache inducing for me. I love this map, and the amount of effort they put into it, but I’m giving up on playing it until it’s been patched.

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Yeah that’s usually the case. I had Kruber in the team when Saltzpyre said that line. He replied “oh yeah, what did you want to be?” and then there was no reply, that’s why i think the reply was cut. Probably by a ulti or something.

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