Is it really "The End Times". Map/Story Feedback


So I’ve played through all the maps now and I cant help but feel that this was kind of a wasted opportunity regarding the maps and the story. So The End Times is about, as the name might suggest, the end of the world but I dont really feel the maps/story show this and truly encapsulate that feeling of struggle and fear for your life.

My biggest problem is how in every map the 4 heroes win. While the maps do indeed looky really grim, hanging corpses and blood everywhere, I dont really feel that we are truly fighting for our life.

Take the map Fort Brachsenbrucke for example. What, for me atleast, would truly help is actually change the story and have the 4 heroes loose. At the end of the map have us come to the realisation that the siege is truly lost and instead have the four heroes retreat back into the river and escape with a boat or whatever as the city burns. This would truly help the feeling that it is a fight for survival. Sometimes you loose sometimes you win.

Create a map where we set an ambush with some crappy ai soldiers on a small chaos raidingparty. As we spring our trap it turns out one of the soldiers have turned to papa nurgle and the marauders where expecting us. Let us see the soldiers being butchered as we flee through the woods and they hunt us.

This I think would greatly increase the overall feeling of the game and its story. Any thoughts or ideas??


It it Warhammer - for every battle you win, you can be sure there are 10 others you lose in a different spot, fought by others, you dont hear about.
Not like your wins actually mean anything, since the maps you play feature cities that are ruined, humanless, riddled with dead bodies.

What I dont understand is why we pretty much already killed the “big bads” off and destroyed the Skittergate in the existing 13 maps, so Im not sure what DLCs will hold for us.

Sure but I do what to hear about it. That is the one thing I acutally enjoyed about the The End Times how it became this epic last stan before everything turned to AoS. For me the wins dont mean anything because you never loose. The feeling of accomplishment only comes if you have the other side of the spectrum. You need sadness for happines to mean something.

Well should be pretty easy to come up with somehting. I mean the skaven invasion continued after the WHite Rat map in Vermintide 1. Throw in a great unclean one mabey

IIn my personal opinion, warhammer already suffered from this too some extend, the definite End that the End Times put onto the Setting just added to it.

We do not also need this in the game…

It’s important to keep in mind that the End Times happened over several years and at this point as far as I can tell based on timeline and voice lines Nagash hasn’t even risen yet so we are still very very early into the End Times.

For now this is “just another” chaos invasion as far as most of the Empire would be concerned.

Considering the Rot Bloods in the Reikland, it could be that it’s set around the time of the Siege of Altdorf, led by the Glottkin

So soon the hour of fate comes around. The Everchosen stirs from his dark throne and prepares the blow that shall split the world asunder. Realms of old have fallen, lost beneath the fury of the northlands, or smothered by vermin from below. Some heroes battle on, too stubborn to realise all hope is lost. Their time is past, and a new age of Chaos and dismay beckons. Perhaps I am foolish also, for I fight with no hope of victory. I seek only to weaken the Dark Gods, to shake their hold upon the future. No other course remains; not to mortals, nor the Divine.

  • Prophecy of The End Times

Realistically, as pointed out, we’re very early in to the actual End Times - Vermintide 1 was confirmed as being in 2523, and Vermintide 2 seems to be much the same…

Kruber: How does Bretonnia fare? I understand your realms are allies.
Kerillian: The nobles squable over which undead king should rule.

The Bretonnian Civil War occurs in the middle of 2523, and the more renowned victories of Chaos don’t occur until late 2525 and throughout 2526. Right now, Chaos is allotted its fair share of defeats, at least for the sake of gameplay.

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I know that the first game starts in early 2523 IC with the Glottkins seige on Altdorf happening in late 2525 IC.

I’d have to say, if I was guessing, we are in early to mid 2424 IC probably right before the rebirth of Nagash. the Rotbloods arrived in Helmgart via the Skittergate where as the Glottkin sailed down from Norsca. Lohner is just too damn well informed for that to be going on.

Also from a personal note I really hope we are in the early days of the End Times because the early story was quite good actually. It turned into a shitshow about halfway through and became really stupid near the end.

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