(!) Lightbulb Moment

So lately the game is not fun. Instead, it’s a painful slog through endless waves of meat , a slow tedious grind that wears you down bit by bit. It slowly crushes your spirit and corrupts your soul until you mechanically fight on, not enjoying it at all but because you have no other way forward, pressing yourself into the masses until the air seeps from your lungs, with no hope of victory or reward other then the certain knowledge that soon your struggle will end with your foes still standing and your lifeless husk rotting uncared for and forgotten in a dark pool of rat urine. So you know, like real life, but with glowing swords.

Suddenly I understand - the game is not SUPPOSED to be fun! It’s experiential performance art representing the hopelessness and suffering of Warhammer: End Times!

The painful grind forward without meaning or reward; the loss of hope for the future; the mechanical repetition of once fulfilling actions and routines but without the life and spark they once had. It’s all a deliberate effort to make us PERSONALLY EXPERIENCE the horror and defeatism of living in the End Times.

Well done, FS. Well done. It’s a masterpiece of interactive art.


10/10. It really makes you F E E L like everything is meaningless and nothing matters in the end. It has a little something for everyone.



Wouldn’t IGN subtract points for not shoehorning in real world politics?

Why isn’t the Empire an allegory for the US? It’s not like it’s based off the HRE or anything. Also why isn’t Saltzpyre a dwarf? Only 1/4 party members are dwarves… writing angrily in book of grudges


Can’t wait for more factions.
Imagine fighting literally endless hordes of zombies and skeletons because some necromancer across the map (like a skinny version of blightstormer, see) just raises them to unlife again, so you truly fight the exact same enemies and not even have an impact on the events of the Warhammer world.
Truly the End TImes.

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Bruh don’t even get me started on how the Skaven are actually a metaphor for the oppressed lower class who get exploited and manipulated by the bourgeoisie without getting any rights or credit for their hard work and effort and are now finally rising up against the injustice they’ve been subjected to.

Smh’s in Marxist

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