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i’m really nearly newby to the Warhammer Fantasy/Age of Sigmar universe. However i don’t get it, when this games plays…
The intro sequnce tells the game is some kind of sequel from the first part. Also it seems the End Times are over, because they are nomore part of the game title. Another hint for this could be the ‘teleport stones’ (maybe Realmgates?). So i assume we are already in the Age of Sigmar? However the sky still contains the same objects (the green moon, exactly the same), so… we are still in the world-that-was?

Maybe i got something wrong. Currently this game doesn’t feel like a Warhammer game, where is the lore? Most of the successful Warhammer games are living from deep lore and details everywere. This is something i miss in this game.


Nope. It’s still the End Times. You’re still in the Reikland.


First game had a ton of lore via pages you could collect at random locations, I’m hoping they add a similar sort of lore mechanic to this one in upcoming patches. I love that stuff.

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Lorebook was a nice feature, beacuase it’s like an codex.
However i’m just missing the whole story and lore about this game. Currently we got an short intro level and that’s it. No more lore, no more story, not even an ending.

And thats go through the whole game. Where the first game got a lot of details inside the different levels (papers on the wall, insignias, skull and many more), this game looks like ‘Oh isn’t that the empty wall from minute ago?’.
In the first game you saw at each character which trinkets he currently using. In this game it’s completely removed.
It’s looking like some trainee was trying to make some elements. Don’t misunderstand me for most of game genres it’s more than enough, but for a Warhammer title it is just looking decades old.

You can talk to Olesya after each mission (when you play custom games, not via Quickplay), and get the background story from her, but that’s it at the moment.

I hope they’ll add some sort of lorebook and a (skippable, please!) end game cutscene after Skittergate maybe.

Well if they follow the end times story line, the group we are playing are screwed anyway, it’s up to the Orcs and Chaos to fight it out in the end. And the orginal winner of End Times was the Orcs but for some reason Games Workshop decided to change it to let Chaos win that’s why I like the lore where the Orc leader headbutts the chaos warchief and kicks his ass. But people liked chaos I guess so they won.

Nah, Chaos is mostly unliked, the Table top game showed it during the first chaos invasion (i believe) where the community could send in their battle results, and GW wanted to spin the Lore in the direction of the results … Chaos was FAR behind everyone else … but GW like Chaos i suppose so they won either way … kinda…more or less.

EDIT: Would have liked it more, when AoS would just be a “Sidestroy” in a Parallel universe and the Endtimes are the divergence point from both timelines or something and let the Vanilla WHF as it was

Yeah, The orcs was the clear winner of End Times but GW probably had already written the lore for the conclusion of end times so they went with Chaos insted.

Sure it’s pure speculation but there was no reason why Chaos should win over the orcs.

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