Story mode?

To start with, thank you, Fatshark, for the journal pages that can be found in Drachenfels lvl 2!

I know most people are not here for the story of the game but I thought that I would suggest it anyway.

That is that if you play story mode then you play the maps in sequence automatically according to the chronology annd that between maps you get a cutscene about what’s going on in the story. Either just after the maps is finished or just before you launch into a new map after gearing up in the keep. But without this you don’t get the cutscenes and thus if you do just want to do QP without taking the extra time for the cutscenes, you can do that as before.

Primarily for groups of people who want some context to the slaughter of the game when they get together for some playing together.

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It’s unsanctioned, but it does what you’re asking for.

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Partially but not entirely. I’m primarily asking for cutscenes to explain the lore and story of the game that would theoretically tie all the maps together. Not just have a mechnical connection between the maps.

It’s not a cutscene, but doesn’t Olesya have different dialogue in the keep depending on which map you’ve queued? It was a lot easier to chat with her before each map pre-WoM, because she was located right next to the adventure map portal, but maybe she still has the same dialogue over in her new location?

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It was possible with Olesya, yes. But that was rather thin and now we can’t even get that from her. :frowning:

EDITED: I’ve tried, but we can’t talk with her anymore.

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Too bad GW won’t puck out some writers who are wasting their time writing “lore” for Age of S-… and let them write books about U5 instead.

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We don’t need other people writing lore. FS have got that solidly done themselves. Just look at the nameless voicelines in the new map, for example. They could probably write a book themselves. But I think they want to save it for the game.

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You can’t convey everything through a game though. Not the same way a book can. Imagine if authors like William King, Gav Thorpe or Graham McNeill were to write origin books for each character, vividly describing events that led them all to Ubersreik.

I don’t know why GW would move writers away from a successful franchise to write books about a relatively niche game lol

Because this niche game is a part of a successful franchise. Well… was till they butchered it with that AoS junk. Moving good authors away from it won’t make a difference.

The issue is that Fantasy wasn’t really a successful franchise, that’s why they killed it off.

There’s plenty to criticise GW for, but not liking money enough really isn’t one. If it was selling well and doing fine they absolutely would have kept it around.

AoS these days is selling well and is a pretty decent game, they’re not going to give attention to a videogame over a flagship product lol.

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The majority of GW Warhammer sales comes from selling tabletop miniatures, which, in the case of the original franchise, they completely ignored and left mostly unchanged.

So instead of designing new, upgraded models, they butchered everything in 5 books filled with plot-holes, retcons and out-of-character actions, only to replace it whith AoS, which, as far as I know, it just a bunch of random stories floating around in space. With factions that have no cultural backgrounds or even a world to live upon. It’s just a mess that is stuck somewhere between being a fantasy and sci-fi.

Is it a good table top game? I guess because it has new rules and miniatures with models that are not 20 years old. Which is they only thing most of people who buy it care about. No matter how butchered, devolved and lackluster lore it has.

There is still hope in Warhammer The Old world though.

They did this, and creating new army books, as far as I’ve ever seen they weren’t ever popular. I’ve heard rumors the books barely made their cost back. Fantasy just wasn’t a very well made game, and it didn’t perform well financially at all.

If GW could make more money by just pumping out models they’d do it lol, it’s exactly what they’ve been doing with 40k to pretty good effect.

It seems silly to judge a setting when you don’t really know anything about it, yeah?

This is a bit off topic though I suppose.

You could enlighten me though, show me a world map with unique points of interest that have over 6000 years of lore tied to them. Or describe cultures of the new factions, their religion, languages both written and spoken form…

I think they can’t afford story mode , story of bug fest

Just read one of the books lol, I’m not a wiki.
Most any of the order aligned races have a pretty well explained culture and religion. Only ones that don’t as well are the death aligned ones, but it varies as you’d expect.

edit: as a suggestion, daughters of khaine and deepkin both have decent twists on old factions, I’ve heard good stuff about cities of sigmar too.

second edit: there’s actually an entire game that’s designed to give a better look at chaos warbands in the setting too, though I’m not as familiar with it

You can read something about the origins of the characters in the V1 Lore Book that is inside the Red Moon’s Inn. Maybe you already now this, but if you dont then you can take a look at it.

Of course, but these are really short lore entries. Vermintide characters deserve something better than a couple of pages which don’t really say much. It kinda feels like a wasted potential, given the fact how little information FS revealed since V1 release. But then again… Vermintide doesn’t really provide the best of narrative devices… unless they would introduce some unique maps that would allow us to dive deeper into each character’s story.

They kinda did this in Blood in Darkness but, it needs more in my opinion.