No Community Challenge Frame plus no new Blood God frame?

Khorne wont be pleased at all about this patch. Iam rather disappointed aswell.

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At least you get an event console are busy banging there heads on the floor due to the game crashing.

Hey, be reasonable. Making a 200x200 pixel bitmap with a hollow center takes some serious artist time. Those dev hours do not come cheap!


I rather prefer they focus on season 3 rather than giving us yet another frame for a temporary event. It’s a matter of choices there.

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What even is season 3? Is all content concentrated into elusive seasons now?

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Indeed yes

Honestly I would’ve preferred a frame for all of these paintings. And I do genuinely believe it’s a way more time consuming labor to create a whole painting rather than one frame, so it feels a bit weird. New cool frames are never a bad thing and I really doubt they’re so time consuming they take serious time from the development of the Season 3 as people say in this thread.

You’re right and wrong. It takes more time to create a full art but the thing is that fatshark did not create the art. They have access to all arts made for warhammer as a part of their licencing. So they didn’t produce the art.

Adriannus the Smith on the art of “Onslaught From beyond” refers to Adrian Smith for example. A well known artist who worked on Warhammer a lot.

And here’s the linked art (which did exist way before Vermintide 2)


I didn’t know that at all, thanks. I still do believe we could’ve got a frame at least.