Pantheon of Heroes portrait

It would be great if we could get a portrait for this achievement. Considering how much time it takes, it feels a bit underwhelming to only get a commendation chest for it. Plus I would assume new portraits shouldn’t take a ton of time or anything.

They do take a lot of time - from the artists. Can’t say I know what they’re working on at the moment, but making a single completely new asset is always away from something else. In this case, not from bugfixing or balance changes, but maybe from filling the picture frames in the keep, or from the first DLC…

Of course, I would like to see almost anything to fill up the picture frames, and a group portrait would be a good one. A portrait frame would also be cool, but we already got quite a few of those. And as you said, getting just a commendation chest feels a bit low reward, but then again before 1.1 it was only a Steam achievement.

Yeah that is a good point. I guess I would hope comparatively it would take less time but obviously I’m no expert. I do think it would be nice to have more achievement-based portraits in general though.

A 2D frame? Also asset artists aren’t typically debugging code. Could be a few exceptionally gifted developers on the team though.

+1 for something better than a comm. chest.

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