Custom Keep Decorations



What’s the deal with those picture frames, anyway? They are in perfect condition, and conspicuously placed all around the keep. Yet I’ve completed all missions all the way through Champion on at least one class, and they are still all empty. Do they ever get filled in? Is there some secret to them?

No they are just a hollow reminder of empty promises.

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There was something planned for them in early development, with (afaik) some placeholder images in very early Closed Beta phase. For some reason, that didn’t work out and the content was discarded and not much mentioned since. The frames stayed, though, and there is still something planned for them (according to the devs), but no idea what or when. Seems the devs aren’t certain yet either, considering the very vague statements they’ve made in the streams when asked. I guess Hedge can correct me on that last one if he’s allowed to say anything.

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